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5 Things I Can’t Go A Day Without

Did You Know? 68% of the people suffer from Phantom Vibration Syndrome, the feeling that one’s phone is vibrating when it’s not. ( v i a )

I love investigating peoples routines & what they do every single day, meaning they’re obsessed.  For a long time that was Target for me.  Not a product, but a place.  I went to Target all the time & it was the one thing I desperately missed when I was out of the country.  I’ve gotten it together since then.  (*Amazon Prime*)

But of course, there are still products you use every single day that you can’t go without & those are the secret’s I need to know about!

Below are mine…

5 Things I use Every Day

5 Things I Can’t Go A Single Day Without:

1. Coconut Oil:

I’ve recently started experimenting with other oils as moisturizer, which I’ll update on later, but I still use coconut oil every single day in the kitchen.  I love the taste it brings to a dish.  I use it as oil when sautéing, mix it in my oatmeal for breakfast, or give my little doggie a spoonful as a treat.    I prefer cooking fresh meals as often as possible & coconut oil goes right along with that – I use it for everything in the kitchen & I love that it doubles as a use for pretty much anything else.

2. Hair Clips:

I can’t go through an entire day without using a hair clip.  My entire life I’ve had long, thick hair which I’ve loved but have only been able to manage with a tight ponytail.  I started hating the huge line mark that a tight  ponytail was making so I made the brave switch to hair clips & haven’t looked back.  I either: 1. Half dry my hair & twirl it into a bun, securing with a clip 2. Pull half my hair up once wearing it down has had its moment  3. Clip up when I get out of the shower when my hair is still wet.

Keep in mind, hair clips give your hair room to move so you’re less likely to have breakage.  And I should note, I currently do not own a curling iron so the only way I achieve any volume or curl is by wearing my hair in a bun w/a clip all day or overnight.. When I let it down, BOOM – curls.

3. White Shoes:

They’re too easy.  I wear these either letting my dog out in the morning, at work, after work, a quick run to the grocery story, the beach, with a fancy dress for a night out… Shit, I’ll wear them with anything, anywhere.  I buy a new pair OFTEN because they’re so affordable & there’s nothing better than clean, bright white shoes.

4. Moisturizer / Chapstick:

Cannot survive a day without my moisturizer.   I’ve always had super dry skin & I’m pretty much always trying to hold a self tan, so a moisturizer is an absolute MUST.  The past year I’ve been using my oil of choice & this Tepez Cream.   My face is super sensitive & will break out if you look at it incorrectly, so I’ve tried TONS of products that haven’t worked.  Oils & Tepez Cream never let me down – but I’m still looking.  Anyone have a fantastic moisturizer or eye cream that pumps in moisture they swear by?!  I’ll send you a thank you note if you tell me your secrets… Seriously.

And of course I carry chapstick everywhere.  The one place I NEED it daily is next to my bed.  I smear it on before I sleep and it moisturizes my lips all night long so I wake up fresh.  I can’t fall asleep without it.

5. Huge Sunglasses:

Even on a cloudy day I’m wearing sunglasses if I’m outside (or in a bright room?).  I can’t stand the strain on my eyes from squinting.  Once you realize how much huge, dark sunglasses helps your eyes you’ll never be able to go a day without them.   {They also come in handy when you’re super hungover, at the grocery store, buying frozen pizza, and run into your ex boyfriend.}

When I think about the things I can’t go without, these come to mind.  I feel like each of them serves a purpose in my day to day functioning, including my $15 H&M pants I was wearing in my recent Instagram pic.  As long as I have these items, I’m good to go, ready to conquer the world!

What products can’t you live without?

Have a great week & be thoughtful!



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Top 5 Everyday Makeup Must Haves

I haven’t had any time to blog because: OLYMPICS!  I have a competitive personality & I get very into the Olympic games. (And yes, I do cry at every event – the athletes & families work so hard, waaaah!! Bravo! Bravo!)

In other news, I made the mistake of going out of the house before 4:00pm on Saturday – what a terrible decision.  It’s too hot.. but Ulta was calling my name.  I noticed the Carli Bybel Palette was finally in Ulta, yay! I’ve been wanting (another) palette for a long time.  I use that baby everyday!


For the past year I’ve been using several staple makeup products that I’ve fallen in love with.  I wear these products pretty much every day.  They’re comfortable on my face & I have my routine down.  Perfect, easy, every day makeup.  These are also the products I tend to travel w/because they’re so versatile.

  1. Urban Decay Naked Basics – All my prayers were answered the day I bought this tiny pallet.  I still remember the Sephora in Dubai Marina Mall that I went to on my lunch break to buy it, I debated forever.  At this point, I think this is the most valuable makeup product I own because I use it for everything.

    W.O.S. – all over the eye lid in the morning, to cover the red from my itching allergies or any blue, sleepy looking eyelid issues
    Foxy – over my under eye concealer to set my makeup.
    Naked 2 or Faint – contour my nose, chin or eyelid.
    Crave – help with a smokey eye.
    Venus – inner eye corner or a highlight.

    I can do A LOT of my face w/this one baby palette. AND, I’ve had it for a year, used it almost every day, and still don’t need to buy a new one.   For every day, easy makeup – this is perfect.  I can’t live without it.

  2. L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara – Everyone talks about this mascara because it’s the best.  It truly adds volume, and every time I try to change up my mascara I always end up going back to this one.  Something about it just works.

  3. L’Oreal True Match Foundation (W5) – I wanted a drugstore foundation for everyday because I hate spending too much money on a foundation that I wear for the mornings & don’t see anyone or go anywhere. Ya know?  I wear it to look alive but don’t need to be a 10.  You feel me.  This foundation has been my go to for the past year.  I bounce between a couple colors depending on my spray tan level.

  4. Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzer – I spoke about this in my favorites post.  I love it. I love being bronze. I love the way this bronzer blends and sits on the skin without drying my face out.  Buildable so it won’t overwhelm you & worth the money – it lasts forever.

  5. Carli Bybel Palette – I use the highlighter in this palette every single day.  Besides that, this palette is as good as gold.  It’s only $14 at Ulta right now & my gosh is it worth it!  There’s a variety of colors, including mattes and shimmers.  Although it’s so affordable, the product itself feels expensive.  I really can’t say enough, other than get it before it’s gone! I believe it’s a limited edition 🙁

Alright, alright, alright – what super basic makeup products do you use every day? Tried & true?   I still hop around a little with blush and concealer, but the others I hoard.    Once you have staple makeup products that you feel comfortable using every day – makeup is fast, easy + fun.  You feel comfortable and ready to take on the day! At least I do…

Although… these female swimmers in the Olympics are making me rethink my nail game & possibly piercing my ears. Is it time?

For now, I’m off to clean + run errands + cook + workout and prepare so I have zero distractions from Michael Phelps swim tonight 🙂

Talk soon!


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