A Christmas Crack Recipe

Christmas Crack Recipe

If you’re not already making this recipe-  hurry up & get it going!  I posted this recipe on my Instagram last year but thought it was worth a post.  It is. So. Delicious.  And super easy!





White Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Coconut Oil 

(the amounts you use for each ingredient is up to you! Extra popcorn? lots of chocolate?  go for it! )

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Say Goodbye to Ready-to-Bake Cookies & Hello to Your Homemade Version

Did You Know? The largest cookie weighed 40,000lbs with 101ft diameter. Immaculate Baking Company had to surround the whole creation with heaters (more than 20 altogether) to get the sheet to baking temperature.  As for the cookie dough, it was made from 40,000 pounds of ingredients. ( v i a ) I was planning an entire […]

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Never Forget Breakfast Again – Classic Oatmeal

Did You Know?  French breakfast includes tea, coffee, juice, or hot chocolate, with bread & butter, or pastries.  They prefer only sweet food, nothing with salt – no meat, no eggs. ( v i a ) Today – OATMEAL I don’t know why I haven’t brought this up earlier as I’ve been eating oatmeal every single […]

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White Bean & Spinach Comfort Soup

Did you know?  As little as 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon daily can have positive effects on blood sugar levels, digestion, immunity, and more. Stronger doses are also extremely beneficial for improving heart disease risk and cutting risk for diabetes, cancer, and neuro-degenerative diseases. ( v i a ) For those of you that are cold […]

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Holiday Feast for Two

Did you know?  “The average American spends about $786 on holiday shopping” and “the average holiday shopper will spend $107.50 on themselves” ( v i a )   This is for everyone having an itty bitty Christmas dinner… That’s been my routine the past several years, traveling over the holidays is becoming more & more unappealing – too […]

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3 Easy, Delicious, Healthy Salad Combinations

I eat salad every day. The interesting part is, I never order salad at a restaurant. I love making them at home.  Mixing all my favorite foods in one dish is one of the best creations of all time, and I’ve mastered some favorites. I go hard on these 3 salad combo’s but feel free […]

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Staple Minnesotan Supper: Tator Tot & Green Bean Hot Dish

Staying in the Minnesota spirit as long as possible, I come today w/a recipe to share. The holy grail of all a mid-western’s dinner menu: Hot Dish. We don’t call meals in a pan casserole, we call them Hot Dish.  And boy do we love them.  If I wasn’t consistently concerned about my health I […]

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Olympic Viewing Party Menu

Pinterest got the best of me.  Last Friday I decided to throw an Olympic Opening Ceremony Party… with Myself, Wafiq and Bernice.  I found a few excellent looking party dishes + I was super excited for the Olympics. I had a long list of recipes ready to go in an email titled: “Olympics Party Food” […]

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Breakfast Taco’s Are A Thing

Breakfast Taco’s are a staple breakfast menu item for Texan’s.   My first time visiting Texas I drove by a huge sign that read “BREAKFAST TACO’S”.  I thought it sounded rather disgusting.  Lunch food for breakfast?  That particular restaurant actin a little cray cray. Later to find “Breakfast Taco’s” were everywhere, and very norm & […]

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The only way to drink a beer…

BEER!   I’m putting in effort to appreciate beer, and today… I’m taking a BABY step. Let’s be honest here, sometimes wine is too high maintenance for the occasion and hard liquor is too aggressive. *Think casual BBQ + by the pool + day drinking –>  Unfortunately, beer just sounds right. Problem: I am not a […]

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