Three Wish Worthy Easter Dresses

Did You Know?  67% of Millennials and 56% of Gen Xers prefer to shop on online rather than in-store.

( v i a )

Happy Monday!

I made the mistake of trying to go shopping recently & immediately regretted my decision to skip shopping online… Ughhhh… is anyone else online only?!  It’s so much easier than parking at a mall, going into a crowded store, digging around for your size, (and most recently) dealing with the hottest dressing room of all time!

So, I’m back to strictly online shopping & spent the weekend looking for Easter/Spring looks.   Spring is my favorite because I get to wear flowers, pastels, lace, pink, dresses – everything that runs through my blood.


Three Wish Worthy Easter Dresses:

Natasha Ruffle Bodycon Dress

I like dresses that can multi-task.  Something that I feel like a girl in but can dress up for a sexy little night out or dress down for a casual day at brunch.  P.S Nasty Gal’s inventory is always changing & with their sales you can count on finding budget friendly options.  (Similar: HERE)

White Garden Party Maxi Dress

Works for Easter or any day this Spring, right?  I’m not always about the long, flowy, maxi dresses because they’re so loose & allow too much room to comfortably eat – several days of that in a row will add major pounds to my waistline without even knowing… But I think one really pretty maxi for Spring is manageable.  (Similar: HERE)

Jumpsuit with Frill Peplum in Scuba Crepe 

If you haven’t noticed from Instagram, I would wear a jumpsuit every single day.  I bring my dog with me everywhere I go, even places that are a little more formal – so I prefer wearing something a step up from my workout tights.  Jumpsuits allow me to manage the dog without showing my hoo-ha, & look decent.  (Plus, I’m loving hot pink… always.)

Have a great week everyone!  I’m about to start the Last Man Standing series on Netflix for the 3rd time in a row… It’s too funny & I hate to admit, has possibly tied New Girl for my fav shows. I watch the episodes over & over & over… & over. Wafiq hates me.

Enjoy your day & be thoughtful



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Memorial Day {Closet} Inspiration

Memorial Day is right around the corner, and lucky you, I have some goodie {red white & blue} closet items ready for you!

I LOVE taking advantage of wearing our beautiful country’s colors loud and proud. YAY!

Let’s get in to it…

 Memorial-Day-Outfit inspiration

1.  Endless Rose Louvre Top

Time to take full advantage of white being technically acceptable again – White x white x white x white! YASSSS hun-ayyy! White clothes are my favorite. So crisp. So clean. So fresh.  And nothing is better than white for Memorial Day.. right?  This shirt is cute + perfect for a little family time or extra day off. Comfy & fresh!

2.  Stay White Mid-Rise Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans

To my excited surprise, I happen to know these white jeans are bomb.  I bought them at one of Old Navy’s sales a long time ago and haven’t looked back.. and they DO stay white.  {I don’t know how, but they do.} These jeans, that shirt.. Perfection!

3.  Sanibell Sandal

Rocking some red heels like these is the perfect pop of color for your all-white look.  Totally ties in the Memorial Day feel (…and gives you an excuse to wear bright red heals).

4.  H&M Sunglasses

Pair any outfit with these easy breezy blue shades and you’ve completed your look! You can picture it right? White shirt, white jeans, red heals, blue shades…

5.  Endless Summer 100 Degree Dress

If you live anywhere that’s already feeling like 100 degrees, like myself, then a cute dress will be your best option. I love this red, fluffy, flowy + happy dress for Memorial Day, & the rest of the summer season.

6. Le Kate Sleeveless Ruffle Jumpsuit

One word people: Target.  It’s so good! Target AND this cute little jumper.  .I got really excited when I saw this. (I may or may not have had a dream of myself wearing it… TMI?) And imagine it paired with the red shoes?!  Yep.

7. Tommy Hilfiger Sporty Embroidered Stars Set of 3 Pouches

Stars work around Memorial Day & July Fourth extra well – I love these little bags.  I separate all the things in my huge purse into smaller bags, and these look like a perfect way to do that.  Again, this would add a perfect little touch to your Memorial Day weekend, and the summer days to follow…

Awwww summertime.

What are you guys up to for Memorial Day? I’m still trying to make plans – BBQ, beach, pool, travel, clean?!… However, this household is still healing a bit from the missing appendix situation.  Nothing a little time + garlic can’t fix.

Ok, nighty night!


Shop Extra Goodies:

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“Women are treated so bad over there”

I was mentally “there” and ready to come back to blogging. With a clear, positive mind. Time to rock and roll!

The day after I wrote my “Back” post I had an interview that threw me down the swirling toilet of negativity.


The Story:

I walked into an interview at a very prestigious company. Probably the most reputable company I’ve interviewed with. Ever.

Office was amazing. Walls with full glass windows on a high floor building. Not a speck of dust in sight. Business. Money. Boom.

I filled out a 3 page, formal application and shortly afterwords a cute blonde girl walked in to start the interview. She asked me your typical interview questions and then said her supervisor would be coming in to ask some questions as well.

Her supervisor entered with a strong presence. You know how some people walk in a room and you can feel their intense voice when they aren’t talking? They’re going to speak loud. And if you’re me, you prepare to do the same.

That was this woman. She screamed with her body.

I’m a woman power type of person. I appreciate a woman who comes in guns blazing. Ready to talk business. Get rough. So I was ready.

A long time ago I would have pooped my pants. But these days, I get excited.

Let’s do this.

She sat down and skimmed through my resume. Asking about me, to the other blonde girl. As if I’m not in the room. (Intimidation tactics, love it).

Then she said in a very unemotional, matter of fact way : “You went to Dubai.”

Trying to sound neutral: “Yes, I did. For a year and a half.”

“I’m surprised you picked Dubai considering how women are treated over there.”

This is where things went south. Toilet –> flush.

She went on and on and on telling me how women are treated in Dubai. They have to cover themselves <– was her main point of concern. I felt like what she said translated to:  “How stupid can you be, you dumb girl, to go to a country that treats women so terribly?! You must have not done your research”

PS. No, she’s never been to Dubai or to any country in the Middle East. (But she must have done her research?!)

My response after about 15 minutes of this was:

“(Pause). Some women do chose to wear an abaya, so in that way it’s not bad”

This threw her overboard. Wrong answer Katie. Wrong gosh darn answer.

She followed by saying that turning a blind eye to these poor women puts me in the same category as abusers (I guess). She proceeded to make some relation to slavery, uneducated people, and a whole bunch of other gibberish facts that in my opinion have nothing to do with the clothing choice of middle eastern women.


This is where I started questioning life.  While she was rambling I went through a full circle of emotions.

  • Dumb bitch dont know nothin
  • Was going to Dubai a mistake, did it ruin my life?!
  • Don’t say anything, don’t say anything, don’t say anything
  • There’s a million problems over there, but an abaya aint one.
  • Is this happening? Is she for real?

Well it was.

The problem is, my interview BEFORE this one went the same way. Women in the Middle East was the first topic covered. Why? I don’t know.

What happened in that interview? I blacked out. I was pissed off.

I blacked out while locking eyes with the man and then proceeded to correct his facts and educate him on the realty of my experience.

The rest of that interview was extremely awkward.

So my family and friends decided it was best if I don’t say anything when/if that happens again. Which is what I did.

Damned if I do, damned if I don’t. Because not saying anything doesn’t feel like a solution either.

In no way will I ever say I regret going to Dubai. Because I don’t. After hearing this woman speak I’m actually really grateful that I went. That I will never sound like her.

I left feeling bad that there’s still Americans out there that are so judgmental.

I left wanting to take her to coffee, in a non interview setting, and discuss really loud and passionately all the good and bad of the Middle East. Maybe even wrestle or punch each other – if necessary.

Because let’s be honest. The Middle East isn’t my favorite place. I have enough negative things to say that I don’t need to make assumptions about problems that I didn’t see.  But I sure as hell hate when people disrespect ANYTHING in an uneducated, inaccurate way.

You want to talk bad about the region, I’m ready. But let’s do it in the right setting, where we can get loud, and be honest.

You want to talk great about the region, I’m ready. I would love to hear the stories and remember those parts too.


And my final note…

Why do American’s care SO much about women in the Middle East wearing an Abaya?

Think about it like this—>

Women in Dubai: They wear a black Abaya (maxi dress), with long sleeves, every day as their formal wear. To work or in public, or to a funeral or maybe a business meeting. It’s their formal dress.

Men in America: They wear a suit and tie to work every day. Long sleeves, sometimes with a jacket, in 100 degree weather, often including a tie around their neck that nearly chokes them at any given moment. It’s their formal dress.

Do all women in Dubai apply to the above statement? No. Do all men in America apply to the above statement? No.

But neither is weird.  Both are formal. Both are professional. If we make fun of men in suits and say they’re treated so terribly because of that God forsaken tie that nearly chokes them to their death, will we sound weird?

I know that’s a dramatic comparison.  I’m trying to somehow show that focusing on the clothing choice of women in Dubai is not that big of a deal. There’s so much more to talk about. Promise 🙂


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