Your PERFECT Dubai Vacation Itinerary!

The Perfect Dubai Vacation Itinerary Must Do List

Dubai! Dubai! Dubai! One of the questions I get asked these days is recommendations of what to do while visiting Dubai. Shortly after – I realized I never made a useful list of what to do when you decide to vacation in Dubai, which is really stupid considering I lived there for a year and […]

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What I Miss About Living In Dubai

Never did I ever, expect to be writing this list.  What I Miss About Living In Dubai.  What an adventure that was! I’m in the U.S. now, have been for awhile, and am FINALLY able to look back on the experience of living in Dubai and come to terms with the fact that I DO miss particular parts.  Whether […]

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Happy New Year from Dubai – 2015!

I’m SO excited for this new year. I needed it! And I’m ready! Bring it on 2015, lets do this! I have to keep this post short because it’s 3:30am in Dubai, so I need to get some sleep.. I stayed up WAY too late trying to figure out how to get my video on […]

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