The Story Of: The Time I Found Out Aliens Are Real

Story Telling - Aliens

Did You Know?  “To prevent competitors from also inseminating female mates, some male insects stay latched to the female for days on end. The male Indian stick insect, Necroscia sparaxes, has the record in scientific literature at 79 days.” ( v i a ) Hi everyone! I have a horrific story to share… Aliens DO […]

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Bug bite? I’m here to help.

The all so glorious bug bites. Shoot me now. I have HAVE have to share this recent discovery with you guys.  I debated because I feel it’s a little blah but I’m sooo freakin happy, I can’t resist. Vicks Vapo Rub for bug bites.   Oh. M. GEEEE.  Life changer.  Miracles do exist! Maybe this trick is […]

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