Always Do Your Best (and that’s enough)

Do Your Best

Remember when you were little and getting ready for soccer games, a school play, choir/band performance and your teacher or parents would tell you “Just do your best”?  Maybe you heard that, maybe you were already the best…

I wish we still had an adult following us around, reminding us to do our best.  I recently had a boss that filled a position where he was in way over his head.  Drowning in the position because he likely over promised what skills he actually had.  I watched him drown.  I tried my best to help him but quickly noticed he wasn’t trying his best.  He didn’t fulfill the position requirements and instead of digging his heels in and trying to do his best to figure it out, he resisted.  He passed everything he could off to anyone that would take it.  He gave it to his bosses, people under him, people next to him.  He refused to learn.  He trusted his seniority would precedent.

Over the weeks, that turned into months, I started wondering why he wouldn’t try.  What happened to trying to do your best?  Come in to work every day and do the very best YOU can do.  If it’s a mess or not everything gets done, at least you tried.  I don’t understand people who don’t try to do their best.  Why wouldn’t you?  With my boss, whatever his issue with the position was, I still think he should’ve tried to do his best at it, every single day until he’s either learned the position requirements or found something else.

If you stop doing your best, how boring? What are you learning? What are you getting better at?  In conversations, try to do your best at listening.  At workouts, try to be your best athlete.  Preparing for the week, try to do your best each Sunday.  I mean shiiiii, if you’re not trying at anything anymore you need to get a hobby you enjoy. If you’re an expert at everything, you have the wrong mindset. Find things to work hard at & be passionate about.  I hated my job once, and let me tell you – I did my very best at finding something better. At going to work every single day knowing I was trying for something better, so I felt comfortable working hard while I was there.

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I Finally Bought Cravings, By Chrissy Teigen & This Is What I Think

Slayyyyy bae slay! The cookbook of all cookbooks.  I’ve had my eye on Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook Cravings for a long time & finally bought it earlier this month. Guys, it’s the shit.  This review is going to the results, real quick.   I READ the entire book before cooking anything in it.  Are Chrissy & John […]

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The Best: Waterproof Phone Case

As you may know, I recently discovered Amazon Prime.  Yes, I was living under a rock & had no idea how convenient and wonderful Amazon Prime could be. Since then, I’ve gone slightly out of control with my amazon purchases. The ONLY thing you need to know: This waterproof iPhone case is gold. And let […]

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Texas BBQ Series: Part III. La Barbecue & Franklin Barbecue

This week we’re taking on Barbecue LINES. Austin has a couple select barbecue options that boost about their long lines, and this week I tackled them.   If I’m going to do a Texas BBQ Series, it’s my duty to bring you to the ultimate BBQ on the list – Franklin Barbecue.  And probably a competitive […]

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Texas BBQ Series: Part I. Terry Black’s

Texas BBQ! For the next few Thursdays I’m taking you with me to some real Texas BBQ. Texans are really proud of their BBQ and favorite spots to find it. I decided I’ll round up a couple favorites here in Austin. Although you won’t be able to taste the food, you’ll get a front row look […]

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One Piece Swimsuit Goodness

I love one piece swimsuits. First of all, they’re so versatile. You can wear them to the pool and beach + throw on cute bottoms to dress them up or down for evening and night. I’ll admit, I used to be very basic with my swimwear – I avoided tan lines like the plague… Now […]

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Sell Your Clothes & Buy A Camera

I’ll go ahead and say this first: Real cameras are expensive. Real camera = Not a phone We’re already spending near millions on our miniature computers, aka mobile phones, so spending even more on a real camera sounds like some kind of sick joke.   I’ve been following several blogs for years now and I […]

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The Best Quality A Woman Can Have – Confidence!

Happy International Women’s Day!! I didn’t even know this was coming and I already had my Confidence Post ready to fire.  {Perfect coincidence}.   CONFIDENCE. If you don’t have it, we need to work on you getting it.   Why? {{Women are beautiful, caring, loving, giving, emotional badass.. people pleasers.}} But being a confident woman is […]

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