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I Finally Bought Cravings, By Chrissy Teigen & This Is What I Think

Slayyyyy bae slay! The cookbook of all cookbooks.  I’ve had my eye on Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook Cravings for a long time & finally bought it earlier this month.

Guys, it’s the shit.  This review is going to the results, real quick.


I READ the entire book before cooking anything in it.  Are Chrissy & John hot as F*** or what?  (I say Chrissy and John as if we’re on first name basis.)

Normally, I’m anti cookbooks because, Pinterest.  BUT I love Chrissy Teigen so I felt obligated, plus her snapchats of recipes makes me really hungry.

The book (we’re calling it a book, because there’s so much more than recipes) is packed with humor, reasons why she loves each recipe, fantastic pictures that I’m super envious of, and my favorite – THE RECIPES!

I easily get bored w/cooking, hence my mystery ingredient challenge. Basic recipes kill me over a period of time.  If you don’t enjoy cooking, perhaps you’re bored with WHAT you’re cooking.  That happens to me, then I start eating out. Which, blah.

This book is creative, the ingredients are across the board & it incorporates several cultural mixes. Bingo.


We cooked Chrissy’s Mac & Cheese with Cheesy Garlic Bread Crumbs, BTI (Better Than Ina’s) Roast Chicken And Vegetables, & the Dutch Baby Pancake.

The roast chicken calls for 23 cloves of garlic.  23 cloves….   WOULD I EVER CHOSE A DIFFERENT RECIPE?!  It’s as if the recipe was created for me, anyone who has balls to write 23 cloves of garlic in their ingredient list is a winner to me.

The Mac & Cheese was so healthy, I ate the entire pan.  (Not healthy, so much cheese, soooo much cheese!)

We made the Dutch Baby Pancake the morning after the food coma for Wafiq. But I ate half.  Fantastic.


Overall, almost every recipe appears tempting.  I’m planning on the Chunky Creamy Mushroom Soup this weekend.

I noticed some of recipes can look a little intimidating w/unusual ingredients & methods of cooking, however that’s exactly what I need when I’m buying a cookbook – different. Do not be afraid!  And she does an excellent job of explaining each step & what you can do to make the meal an overall success.

I highly recommend it.

If you don’t enjoy cooking, buy this book and flip to a random page – then go for it! Cooking new foods might shine light on your kitchen counters.

If you love cooking, you’ll appreciate the recipes in the book – very different.

And if you want to read a funny book about food w/hot pictures – here’s your answer.

This won’t disappoint, and having Chrissy’s face on the cover doesn’t make for a bad coffee table book either.


Alright, I’ll report back on twitter how my Chunky Creamy Mushroom Soup turns out & whether or not mushroom haters approve.. aka Wafiq.

 Tonight, I’m hating myself for getting into this HBO series, The Night Of.  WHY?! Why watch such tense TV series? Who creates these??  I overkilled New Girl with Wafiq, but I’ll strategize a plan to get it back on the TV ASAP!

Go dream of Mac & Cheese!

Talk soon,


+ You can buy Cravings on Amazon (Prime) for $20: HERE

+ Not Sponsored, just loving the book 

shop kitchen:

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The Best: Waterproof Phone Case

As you may know, I recently discovered Amazon Prime.  Yes, I was living under a rock & had no idea how convenient and wonderful Amazon Prime could be.

Since then, I’ve gone slightly out of control with my amazon purchases.

The ONLY thing you need to know: This waterproof iPhone case is gold.


And let me preface by saying: It’s $8!

No – this is not my product, nor my invention, nor am I being sponsored. I’m in love.

I was saving this secret for my monthly favorites but literally couldn’t resist sharing.  I’ve stayed away from my computer all day, making an effort not to post, knowing I’m keeping the worlds largest secret, and now here I am: posting.

With this phone case –> you can bring your phone in the water.  Pool or beach. Big phone, little phone.  Protects from sand, water splashes, suffocating.

And how completely perfect for traveling adventures?!

You can take pictures, videos, talk, snap, instagram.  Same phone capabilities – just protected, safe & sound. Cute.

PS. Before you say this phone cover is not cute – watch the Kardashians, they looked real cute using a similar device in a recent episode. At least I thought so.

Ok, I can say no more.  You need this case. It’s worth it.  You’ll thank me later. No regret, no surrender!

If you have any Amazon secrets, please share!  I’m highly addicted.


Happy Monday everyone –



shop the post:

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Texas BBQ Series: Part III. La Barbecue & Franklin Barbecue

This week we’re taking on Barbecue LINES.

Austin has a couple select barbecue options that boost about their long lines, and this week I tackled them.

 Franklin Barbecue, Best Barbecue

If I’m going to do a Texas BBQ Seriesit’s my duty to bring you to the ultimate BBQ on the list – Franklin Barbecue.  And probably a competitive second — La Barbecue.

Now, I would NEVER normally wait for food. I actually would never wait in a line for anything. I don’t like lines & don’t understand the point. Whatever line I’m in, probably isn’t worth the energy.

But here I was, Sunday morning,  7am – in line for Franklin Barbecue.


I showed you a hot spot barbecue restaurant, an upscale fancy barbecue, my ride or die gas station barbecue, and now it’s time to show you the barbecue you wait in line for all day.

I had to take one for the team.


 Le Barbecue, Best Barbecue

Lines & Food Trucks = Not a fan.  But I’ll bend my rules for this.

La Barbecue’s been all the rage for BBQ in Austin lately.  Their pit master came from Franklin BBQ, (which I’ll touch on below), so good BBQ was a promising expectation.

We hit up La Barbecue on a Thursday morning.  The trailer opened at 11:00am & we arrived at approximately 10:50am.

There was a line, but I think Thursday offered a little cushion for us.

LeBarbecue, best barbecue

“The Pit” (Where they make the meat)

The BBQ here was phenomenal.  It was also expensive.

Compared to the other BBQ places I tried, this was probably the most expensive.

We ordered 1 rib that was $37.  Granted the rib fed both of us, but still, that’s rather steep… isn’t it?

 LeBarbecue, best texas barbecue

Side dishes were KILLER.  Potato salad, black bean mix, and chipotle cole slaw.. AAAhhmazing.  MMmmmmMMMmm

I’ll be honest, La Barbecue was delicious.  SUPER DELICIOUS.  I can see where people would tolerate a little wait for it.


The problem I have with these lines + barbecue, I guess for any restaurant, is the risk of selling out.

Waiting in line for a couple hours and possibly not even getting what you want to order..?  No thank you.

Sooo… there’s that.



Franklin Barbecue, Best Texas Barbecue

Franklin Barbecue even told Kanye West to get lost.

The only person they let cut to the front of the 6 hour line was President Obama.

Franklin Barbecue, Best Texas Barbecue

Soooo, I learned quickly.. People show up EARLY to wait in line.

We arrived around 7:00am but people in front of us arrived at 5:30am!  And the line was wrapped around the building by 8:30am.  (8:30 in the morning!!!!..?!?!)

A staff member comes out to count the amount of meat each person will be ordering so they can tell the back of the line if there will be enough food left for them.

From what I saw, if you arrive past 8:30am– there’s no barbecue left for you.

Doors open at 11:00am guys.  Do the math, that’s a LOOONG wait.

And if you’re in the back of the line, you likely won’t get served until 2:00pm – 3:00pm! Eeeeeeek!!

Franklin Barbecue, Best Texas Barbecue

My feelings exactly

Another thing I learned from waiting in this absurd line is the enjoyment people find from it –>  Waiting in line for Franklin BBQ is more like an event.  Chairs, coolers, drinks, yard games, music.. The whole sha-bang!

And they have a great time!

Is this for me?  Absolutely not.  Wayyyy out of my comfort zone, but I can say it wasn’t terrible.

I did get some good bonding time with my princess Bernice & prince charming Wafiq.

Franklin Barbecue, Best Texas Barbecue

The staff was FANTASTIC!

I say this because, sometimes when a restaurant, or really any company or person, gets popular they turn into assholes. (<– One of the reasons I don’t wait in lines.)

But not in this case, the staff was wonderful – Super kind, rule followers, laid back, a welcoming crew.


Franklin Barbecue, Best Texas Barbecue

For the food. OF course it was great, I don’t think they could keep that insane of a line if it wasn’t.

We purchased every single option on the menu.  If we’re waiting in a line for 4 hours, we’re getting it ALL!


Franklin Barbecue, Best Texas Barbecue

If you’re curious, the pulled pork was hands down the best.

I don’t usually go for pulled pork but it was EXCELLENT.

Great, flavorful, delicious, moist, and as good as barbecue can be I suppose.

Would I wait in line again?  No.

(Have you seen lines like this before?! Insane right?!)

BUT I did it for you guys, to get a closer look, and maybe save you from the experience?

Franklin Barbecue, Best Texas Barbecue

If you do decide to wait in line somewhere, lesson learned bring chairs, games, and drinks to keep you busy.

Franklin Barbecue, Best Texas Barbecue

My final Texas BBQ Series notes: For visitors or date night, Lambert’s is the spot!

For casual Sunday’s, I still love Rudy’s – my ride or die.

Woooooofta, the Texas BBQ Series is officially done!

I feel like I covered the range, took you there with me, and learned about some yummy new places myself.

Franklin Barbecue, best barbecue

Franklin Barbecue Dessert (I told you we ordered it all)

YAY! This weekend I can eat something other than BBQ! LOL!

Vegetarian lifestyle commencing now.


Have a fun Memorial Day weekend everyone! I hope you’re wearing your red, white, blue + stars and drinking lots of beers (plural?) !!



Shop Barbecue Looks:

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Texas BBQ Series: Part I. Terry Black’s

Texas BBQ!

For the next few Thursdays I’m taking you with me to some real Texas BBQ.

Terry Blacks Austin Texas BBQ

Texans are really proud of their BBQ and favorite spots to find it. I decided I’ll round up a couple favorites here in Austin. Although you won’t be able to taste the food, you’ll get a front row look & little review.

(Wafiq was really happy about this idea)

Terry Blacks BBQ Austin Texas

When I first moved to Austin I didn’t really know what BBQ was. I always thought BBQ meant grilling burgers in your backyard… with some lemonade?

Texans think differently. (Way differently.) BBQ is a P R O C E S S they are proud of: Brisket. Ribs. Turkey. Sausage.

There’s usually an option of raw onions, pickles, cheese & white bread for a side.

Terry Blacks BBQ Austin Texas

They work hard at mastering recipes and methods. Spend hours x hours perfecting meat. Cook-offs, competitions, smoke house tours, secret recipes, & long lines to get your most desired meat.

BBQ in Texas is most definitely NOT a grilled hamburger in the backyard with a glass of lemonade. (I should’ve never said that.)

Terry Blacks Austin Texas BBQ

I wanted to bring you to Texas to see this BBQ for yourself.

First up is Terry Blacks.

Most of the BBQ I’ve eaten in Texas is similar to this style. Stand in line, go to the counter and order the meat you want by the pound. Then take a seat and enjoy! Terry Black’s is no different. Very casual.

We piled on the side dishes and for meat: Sausage, Brisket, & Ribs.

Terry Blacks BBQ Austin Texas

As for the meat, we both liked the Ribs the most. Meat literally fell off the bone.

The brisket & sausage were a bit fatty for me, but I know it all depends on whatever spikes your taste buds.

Terry Blacks BBQ Austin Texas

The side dishes were only ok. (Texans are killing me.) I know you don’t go to BBQ for side dishes but here’s my reason for judging them.

I don’t eat meat with every meal, or even every day… So BBQ and other meat dominate restaurants need to have good side dishes for me to agree to go back. (I’m not the only one trying to reduce meat intake… right?)

My version of BBQ is a little meat with a lot of side. Wafiq’s is a lot of meat with a little side. A BBQ place with good meat and good sides is a win for us.

My favorite side dish was the green beans & Mac N Cheese. I would skip the potato salad…

The general atmosphere, cost, and taste was a thumbs up. Nothing extraordinary in my opinion, but none the less – Great Texas BBQ.

Terry Blacks BBQ Austin Texas

One awesome perk to Terry Black’s is their location. If you want BBQ at a great location when you’re visiting Austin – this is a great spot to stop by.

You’ll definitely get an authentic BBQ experience + be able to walk to nearby Zilker Park, Downtown, Peter Pan Mini Golf or Auditorium Shores.

For this reason alone, stopping here when you visit Austin would be worth it. Kinda knock out a couple birds with one stone style.

And when traveling, I’m all about time efficiency.

Terry Blacks BBQ Austin Texas

Alright, alright, alright, one BBQ down. A few more hot spots to go!

What’s the popular foods where you’re living??

Talk soon!



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One Piece Swimsuit Goodness

I love one piece swimsuits.

First of all, they’re so versatile. You can wear them to the pool and beach + throw on cute bottoms to dress them up or down for evening and night.

I’ll admit, I used to be very basic with my swimwear – I avoided tan lines like the plague… Now that I sit in the shade & spray tan – tan lines are the last of my concerns.

Bring on the rope straps and cutouts, I’m ready!

The best one piece swimsuits


1. Nasty Gal Alina Swimsuit

Hot! Hot! Hot!  Black, swim, one piece, low cut, high cut.  If you throw on a skirt you can take this swimsuit anywhere, any time and be THE knockout. Also comes in different colors, so if you’re really feeling yourself go for nude or red.

2. Gathered Deep Plunge 

I’m a sucker for white. It’s just sooo clean and fresh! How can you not?!  This white piece is pretty & classy too.

3. Virtue La Boheme Lace

The details + color has me like: “Hiiiiiiiiiiii, I’m Katie and I want to wear you around for everyone to see. And possibly sip tea after.”

4. Mesh Plunge

When your one piece meets skin + sexy.  I love this color in the summertime, awake and fruitful.

5. ASOS Mesh Panel

If you’re not daring enough to go for the black low cut/high cut above, this is a perfect alternate.  Black is sexy and easy to pull off –> on anyone & pretty much always.  This super cute one piece could easily be paired with a maxi skirt or shorts to complete any look you’re going for.

6. TopShop Sequin Cactus

One pieces should be fun too! How fun is this all pink with a little shimmer? I want it yesterday. Imagine fun pool party – wanting to look good, but running around and playing water games at the same time.

7. South Beach Issy

Ok… Do you ever want to participate in water sports or jump around and dance or play water volleyball or do a cannon ball or dive off the dock in a swimsuit…. WITHOUT the risk of it falling off?  All hail this beauty. Everything is locked in AND you look pretty!



Your turn, where did you find your one piece swimsuit for the season?!

Now I’m off to dream of sun and beach water…




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Sell Your Clothes & Buy A Camera

I’ll go ahead and say this first: Real cameras are expensive.

Real camera = Not a phone

We’re already spending near millions on our miniature computers, aka mobile phones, so spending even more on a real camera sounds like some kind of sick joke.

 Buying a new camera, sony a6000

I’ve been following several blogs for years now and I always scratch my eyeballs out reading about the cameras they’re using or promoting.

{$3,000+?!?! Fucking how? Not to mention, I have nooo idea how to use one}

BUT. I’m here to confirm: a real camera is worth the expense. Womp womp.

Here’s why:

+ You adjust the photo to your preferred settings

+ Other people will actually enjoy having their picture taken

+ You’ll forever have pictures you actually love!

+ And pictures for other people to love!

+ It’s fun to learn the different settings

+ Always on the hunt to find good photography opportunities

+ You are shockingly WAY hotter.

 Buying a new camera, sony a6000

Wafiq recently bought this Sony camera, honestly with very little thought.

We looked online briefly, Wafiq wanted a camera too, sold all our belongings, then were okay with the price tag, went to the store –> proud camera owners.

NOT disappointed.  For a novice camera user, I feel professional with this badass piece of equipment.

AND when you look at the price tag of many others, this one appears to be near free.

Buying a new camera, sony a6000

I should also mention, I bought Wafiq a GoPro for Christmas two years ago –> life changer r r !

Dubai grows up, rather than out. Having a camera that could capture the ground to sky was unknowingly necessary and GoPro worked miracles.

Buying a new camera, sony a6000

I can’t imagine traveling anywhere without that little baby now. I THANK GOD I HAD THIS CAMERA IN DUBAI (<— every day) ! ! !

 Buying a new camera, sony a6000

Pictures a r e important. And as I get older I realize, in most moments you don’t stop and think a picture will mean anything – what are you even taking a picture of?  But it’s those pictures that are special.  Looking back at seemingly average, candid times – are the best, most memorable.

A picture is truly worth a thousand words.

 Buying a new camera, sony a6000

Now that Wafiq and I have an actual camera – not running around with solely iPhones – I’m TOTALLY kicking myself for shopping at Top Shop and River Island so freaking much while living in Dubai.  Idiot.

Not saving that money and investing it into a camera? (Katie! WHY?!?!)

Buying a new camera, sony a6000

So – if you were ever on the fence of buying a real camera – 100% buy one. [For the love of God sell your TopShop clothes and buy one (<–bitter).]

Then start snapping photos of EVERYTHING.  You’ll thank yourself later.

Camera pro’s weigh in! What’s the first camera you ever bought?

Off to sift through and organize all my pictures. {Note to self – organize after every photo session. }

Night friends!



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The Best Quality A Woman Can Have – Confidence!

Happy International Women’s Day!! I didn’t even know this was coming and I already had my Confidence Post ready to fire.  {Perfect coincidence}.



If you don’t have it, we need to work on you getting it.



{{Women are beautiful, caring, loving, giving, emotional badass.. people pleasers.}}

But being a confident woman is the most important quality you can give yourself.  Whether it’s your opinions, morals, thoughts, clothing, age, make up, hair style, body type, career, anything! YOU have to believe in it.

And that takes work.

I have to work on it all the time. Not feeling sorry or embarrassed for acting a certain way, showing failures, wearing purple fringe with sneakers, or stuffing my face with 3 breakfast taco’s + a side of chips and queso on Sunday morning. This takes confidence.


I’m going to work on incorporating confidence boosting posts into MissBassmaster, so you’re consistently reminded to believe – you ARE a badass.

Ex: Even if you’re confident in your career and relationship, but you want to dye your hair platinum blonde. You don’t want your coworkers thinking you’re a hoochie mama desperately trying to hold on to your 20’s? I’m here to tell you, fuck it. Bleach your hair. You want to try it, try it!  And the biggest tip –> don’t be sorry, rock that platinum hair like it’s what you dreamed about since you were 12 years old. Because you have! And it’s ok. Do YOU girlfraaan!


Also, do not let people make you feel like you’re wrong for feeling a certain way, looking a certain way, or acting a certain way. You are y o u. And that alone is fantastic!

Keep in mind, sometimes a relationship needs to end, so each person can continue being the person they’re meant to be, and that’s ok.  That’s more than ok.  Don’t apologize, simply understand the process.

I had little, to zero confidence in myself coming out of high school.  Thank the angels I met a great (psychology student) friend who helped me understand what confidence was and slowly start building it.  I feel incredibly lucky to have had that, but it’s something that takes work.  AND knowing it takes work, is what I’m realizing, is the most important part to having confidence.


Go forward with the week! Confident, excited, and standing tall! GO GO GO ! BE YOU! Cuz that’s the best, most inspiring personality to watch!


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