Your PERFECT Dubai Vacation Itinerary!

The Perfect Dubai Vacation Itinerary Must Do List

Dubai! Dubai! Dubai! One of the questions I get asked these days is recommendations of what to do while visiting Dubai. Shortly after – I realized I never made a useful list of what to do when you decide to vacation in Dubai, which is really stupid considering I lived there for a year and […]

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My Top Ten – BEST of Dubai

I tried to keep this list to activities rather than accomplishments. For example – getting the job I really wanted would definitely be at the top of my list but I wanted to stick to activities so I can always remember the things I went out and did while living here.. Also, in case anyone visits […]

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Yas Waterwold in Abu Dhabi

I HATE rollar coasters, water slides, and anything with heights. For many reasons -> the long lines, the risk of death, I don’t understand why people voluntarily enjoy fear. I mean just No.. No, No. Wafiq and I won tickets to Yas Waterworld so we had to use them while we still could.  We had […]

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