What is MissBassmaster’s Story? Why?
MissBassmaster started as a way to stay connected with family & friends while living in Dubai.  I was excited to share what I was seeing & learning from other people, different than me. Rather than telling you what to do,  I wanted a place to share, learn new things, and be brave with choices.
When Did You Live In Dubai? Did you Like It?
I lived in Dubai for a year and a half. I moved back to the states in May 2015. Before Dubai, I moved to Texas from Minnesota after high school, which was honestly my hardest move. Eventually I studied abroad in the Dominican Republic for a semester while in college. And just when I was getting a little too comfortable in a terrible job after finishing school, I moved to Dubai. Moving across the world (without previously visiting) was risky but can finally say with confidence, totally worth it!
Read my thoughts after 1 year abroad: HERE // How I struggled with culture shock upon my return: HERE // How I was treated as a woman in the Middle East: HERE
Do you Have Any Tips For Living Abroad??
I will always encourage moving, visiting, or learning about other countries because the world is a special place to get intimate with. My suggestions- be open to anything, don’t be afraid, and keep in mind traveling isn’t always an easy adventure. Check HERE and HERE for more tips & encouragement. Also, feel free to send me an email – I love sharing the good, bad & ugly of all things abroad OR big choices at home too!
How Did you Get the Name MissBassmaster?
When I was a little, I spent a lot of time on a fishing boat (HA!). My stellar father signed me up for a casting contest called Bass Master Caster. Somehow I managed to do a fantastic job, so MissBassmaster was always my “girl power” bragging rights. Seemed fitting.
How Much Do You Love Your Dog?
We lick tongues. Check out why you need to adopt a doggie: HERE
How can we Collaborate?
Anyone that has a juicy story, adventures to share, or items for our wishlists – YOU have a place with MissBassmaster. Shoot an email to: katie@missbassmaster.com and we’ll get to it!