What is MissBassmaster’s Story? Why?
MissBassmaster started as a way to stay connected with family & friends while living in Dubai. Without realizing the impact relationships across the world would affect day to day choices and inspirations, MissBassmaster evolved into a lifestyle blog. Rather than telling you what to do, MissBassmaster is a place to share, try new things, and be brave with a community of support.
When Did You Live In Dubai? Did you Like It?
I lived in Dubai for a year and a half. I moved back to the states in May 2015. Before Dubai, I moved to Texas from Minnesota after high school, which was honestly my hardest move. Eventually I studied abroad in the Dominican Republic for a semester while in college. And just when I was getting a little too comfortable in a terrible job after finishing school, I moved to Dubai. Moving across the world (without previously visiting) was risky but can finally say with confidence, totally worth it!
Read my thoughts after 1 year abroad: HERE // How I struggled with culture shock upon my return: HERE // How I was treated as a woman in the Middle East: HERE
Do you Have Any Tips For Living Abroad??
I will always encourage moving, visiting, or learning about other countries because the world is a special place to get intimate with. My suggestions- be open to anything, don’t be afraid, and keep in mind traveling isn’t always an easy adventure. Check HERE and HERE for more tips & encouragement. Also, feel free to send me an email – I love sharing the good, bad & ugly of all things abroad.
How Did you Get the Name MissBassmaster?
When I was a little, I spent a lot of time on a fishing boat (HA!). My stellar father signed me up for a casting contest called Bass Master Caster. Somehow I managed to do a fantastic job, so MissBassmaster was always my “girl power” bragging rights. I wanted the name of this empowering lifestyle to come from where it started, casting fishing poles in Minnesota.
How Much Do You Love Your Dog?
We lick tongues. Without drowning you in dog pictures and unnecessary blubbering, check out why you need to adopt a doggie: HERE
How can we Collaborate?
Anyone that has a juicy story, adventures to share, or items for our wishlists – YOU have a place with MissBassmaster. Shoot an email to: katie@missbassmaster.com and we’ll get to it!