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MissBassmaster is a lifestyle blog sharing everyday stories, wish lists, dreams, and challenges to connect with YOU. MissBassmaster will not tell you what to do but encourage you to try new things & be brave enough to do so, because we have your back!

Katie Droen, creator of MissBassmaster
My goal with MissBassmaster is to have an encouraging, funny, sometimes serious space to motivate & encourage each individual with every day choices. I hate seeing people be too hard on themselves, question their feelings, or be scared to wear 4 inch heels. This is the space for bravery & confidence!

To my surprise, I had the balls to study in the Dominican Republic by myself with no prior knowledge of Spanish, while in college. And then took off for Dubai, UAE a few years after graduating college to find work & live as an expat. I don’t consider myself a brave person, but managed to make a few brave decisions that opened my mind wider than I thought it’d ever be. Travel has influenced a huge part of my everyday lifestyle, mainly because of the people I’ve had the pleasure to connect & cultivate relationships with. Their pretty faces & beautiful stories influence me every single day. As do the Real Housewives of Atlanta and Schimdt, from New Girl.

I refuse to believe the best times of my life are behind me. The best is yet to come, and I’ll do my best to make sure of it!
Originally from beautiful Minnesota, but am currently located in Texas.

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About Wafiq

He has the waistline of your dreams & that’s why we keep him around. And if you smile right, the lighting shines down at the perfect moment, and you’re having one of the best skin days of your life, with a camera set to an automatic setting – he’s a world star photographer! We love Wakiki. Wafiq’s Favorite MBM Post:

About Bernice

The one that keeps the peace. The apple of MissBassmaster’s eye. She recommends the laying down, looking far away from the camera pose while taking photos. On every car ride, participating in most of the adventures, and tasting as many recipes as she’s allowed – Bernice is one of the gang. Bernice’s Favorite MBM Post: