10 Favorite Things From 2017

Did You Know?  The top 5 apps downloaded in 2017 according to Apple:  1. Bitmoji 2. Snapchat 3. YouTube 4. Facebook Messenger 5. Instagram (via)

Better late then never sharing all my favorite things of 2017.  We shall call this a mix up, because why limit ourselves to one category of favorites?  These products were not all created in 2017, rather things I used through 2017.   Weird but true, I typically don’t like something right when I get it.  I put it down.  Stare at it.  And on one random day pick it up & use it consistently after that… or throw it out.

2017 Favorites
Bronzer (here) // Lip Stain (here) // Cleansing Oil (here) // Grape Seed Oil (here) // Incense (here) // Sunglasses (here) // Free Yoga (here) // Love Warrior (here) // Podcast (here)

10 Favorites from 2017

CHANEL Soleil Tan De Chanel

The obvious.  Bronze anything will make my list, just be happy I’m not talking about my at home spray tan.  I try not to wear a lot of makeup most days & bronzer is one of the few products I need daily.  I ditched powder bronzer most of the year for this cream bronzer.  I take a medium sized brush & blend it on my cheekbones to look alive everyday.  Because it’s creamy I don’t feel like it drys me out & I like how it blends into my skin.  I’ve had this one jar of bronzer for 45 years, used it every single day & am just now at the point where I need to repurchase.

ColourPop Echo Park Satin Lip

I’ve had this lip color for a long time & used it almost every day in 2017.  I realized using a natural color on your lips, even without anything else on your face, makes you look like you’re trying.  It’s such a cheat to looking ready, that or a nice lip gloss.  (My fav: here)  This one in particular keeps my lips super moisturized which is hard to do, and doesn’t rub off in 1 mili second.  I put the smallest amount on my lips in the morning after I apply chapstick, and then use my finger to smudge it around.  Au naturel.

Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Oil

2017 is the year I learned (& trusted) the idea of cleaning your face with an oil.  I’m currently using the Trader Joe’s Facial Cleansing Oil because it’s easy for me to quickly pick up when I’m buying groceries BUT I went through 3 bottles of the Burt’s Bees cleansing oil before getting lazy & buying at Trader Joe’s.   Guys, you take the oil & rub it around your DRY, dirty face – then rinse.  WHAT?

Grape Seed Oil

Ummmm what the fuck acne.  I used Grape Seed Oil all year on my face as moisturizer, or coconut oil if that was what I had available, until I recently thought: “let’s try something different”.  Fuck No.  My hormonal chin acne is literally the biggest bitch on the plant earth.  She reacts if I try to do ANYTHING new to my face & requires coconut oil or Grape Seed Oil.  I found alternating between the two makes her the happiest.  SHIT.  I restocked & my face should be back to normal soon, but Grape Seed Oil will be with me forever & ever now.


Because I got bored of candles & diffusers.  Soy, wooden wick, slow pour, organic – whatever.  That became annoying to manage so I took a hard right into incense.  A quick, powerful burn.  I’m in love w them.  I have no rhyme or reason to my scents or brand of incense, I wish I could learn more but nobody has answers for me.  So I know nothing, other than me being very fucking happy to have them in my house & will happily light any stick that enters.

High Key Sunglasses

FINALLY.  Sunglasses that are big enough for my big head.  Cheers mate!  I have a few pairs.  And I’d happily purchase more.  These sunglass are the shit, I have been wearing them every single day for the entire year & I’ll continue to do that until someone else creates sunglasses for people with large heads.

Yoga with Adriene

This was the year of Yoga for me.  I really figured it out.  When I was younger I always thought Yoga was for rich people that were too lazy for a real workout, which is still true, but that’s not how I use yoga.  I 100% use Yoga for mental clarity & me time.  And a little stretch from my other workouts.  And it’s FREE!!! What?!  Non rich people can be Yogi’s?!  Praise be!

Love Warrior By Glennon Doyle Melton

UGH this book describes me in better words that I can.  I wrote an entire post on it.  I think you should read it.  Then tell me what you think.  Life. Changer.

Skinny Margarita’s

Tequila baby!  I fell in LOVE with tequila this year.  Specifically, if given a choice, made as a margarita.  If you order them in a restaurant they’re called skinny margarita’s.  And the only association to skinny >> no added sugar.  But you already know, why add sugar?   To anything.   There’s nothing more refreshing to me on a hot afternoon than a classic margarita.

The Joe Rogan Experience

2017 is more like the year of Podcasts for me.  That’s all I listen to now, I barely pay attention to music, TV or movies.  The Joe Rogan Experience has me addicted because of the unique, honest conversations with a variety of people.  But I’m also highly loving Unqualified by Ana Faris and Juicy Scoop by Heather McDonald.  If you didn’t get on the podcast train in 2017 – now’s the time.

I think that’s it!  If you had anything that you found yourself obsessing with over throughout the year, share with me!  Anything that sticks around for an entire year means it has to be good.

Have a great weekend & be thoughtful!


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