The ONLY Knives You’ll Ever Need. & You NEED Them.

Did You Know?  The 2016 Ikea Catalogue was translated into 33 languages, in 48 different markets, reaching about 255 million people.  Ikea’s first store in Serbia was their 400th worldwide. At the end of August 2017 there were 403 IKEA stores in 49 countries.  (via)

Well here’s a little known fact about myself to chipper you up on your Thursday – I prefer/can only write a blog post when I’m listening to the Kygo station on Pandora.  It has that perfect mix of vocals & instrumentals, inspiring me to get my deepest words out to the world!  It can also take a turn for the worst & get me too emo, when I go back & read posts I can always tell. Ha!

Ikea Knives
Find at Ikea or Online: (Yellow Set $2.49) HERE // (Red $1.49) HERE

TODAY is one of the best days for you guys because I’m forcing you to listen to me rave about these fucking incredible knives that I’ve ONLY cut my fingers on ONE time.  And that may or may not been because I was under the influence.. of something other than wine.


I’ve tried other knife sets & knives from different companies that claim they have the baddest, bestest, sharpest knives in the world!  Not because I’ve owned many of them, but because I’ve gone to other homes & asked to use their knives.  And as predicted, they fucking suck!  They either have to be sharpened, be polished, or go through some other bull shit procedure in order to cut a tomato… BUT THESE IKEA BEAUTIES REQUIRE NOTHING BUT LOVE.  And they slice through a tomato like butter!  Are they the prettiest knives with their bright yellow & red handles?  Depends if you like ketchup & mustard.  I have no shame, I proudly set them at the table, especially with guests over.  I’ve thrown out the other prettier knives Wafiq inherited, no more pretending Ikea knives aren’t the only things in our kitchen that matter.

The one thing to be worried about, accidentally cutting yourself or letting someone else (kids) use them without fair warning that they’ll cut you like butter.

Stop acting cool & go grab these cheap ass, beautifully created, Ikea knives.  I own 1,120,743 of them & I want to buy more.

Get them: HERE or in the Ikea stores!  & don’t try to skip the ones with the red/yellow handles – those are the only ones that I’m talking about, they’re badass!  Not those shitty silver, pretty ones. No no. Commit to the colors.

Happy weekend time!  Go out & be thoughtful.


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