A Christmas Crack Recipe

Did You Know?  The first artificial Christmas Tree wasn’t a tree at all. It was created out of goose feathers that were dyed green. (via)

If you’re not already making this recipe-  hurry up & get it going!  I posted this recipe on my Instagram last year but thought it was worth a post.  It is. So. Delicious.  And super easy!

Christmas Crack

Christmas Crack Recipe





White Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Coconut Oil 

(the amounts you use for each ingredient is up to you! Extra popcorn? lots of chocolate?  go for it! )


1- Layer pretzels, then popped popcorn on a baking sheet

2- Melt white chocolate + 1tsp coconut oil (keeps chocolate smooth) in microwave or on stove

3- When just melted, immediately drizzle over prepared pretzels & popcorn

4- Melt dark chocolate the same way as white chocolate & drizzle

5- Let cool in the refrigerator, break apart and ENJOY!!

**Use as a gift by adding sprinkles and red & green m&ms!

Christmas Crack Recipe

Christmas Crack Recipe

I also often make a batch of this & keep it in a few containers at the house before the weekends.  Christmas crack is a perfect recipe to break out of the kitchen when you have guests over, they love munching – it’ll be gone before you know it!

On the other hand, I’m currently trying to eat: plants, veggies, and water. I made up a detox for myself.  I thought, no better time than the holidays to try eating healthy – when there are sweet treats, extra tacos (in texas), and alcohol everywhere.  This is my way of abstaining.  SO PLEASE make this crack recipe for me & eat away!  I’ll be doing so again soon 🙂

Have a great Monday & please be thoughtful


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