We’re Going Back To Dubai!

Did You Know?  The United States is the only developed country in the world without a single legally required paid vacation day or holiday. (via)

I have some exciting news! Or at least I consider it exciting… I’m heading back to Dubai!  This time, I’m not moving there & simply going for a visit – like a normal person.


Last time I was in Dubai, I remember literally telling Wafiq “I’m never ever.  Never. Ever. Coming back to this fucking place.”  Harsh, I know.  And I told everyone that!  I hated the thought of ever going back.  Being able to say that out loud & having made it through the experience – felt amazing.  I felt stuck when I was in Dubai, by my own stubbornness, for so long that when I finally got out of it, I felt like I made it! And there was no going back. Literally.

The experience was way harder on me than I expected & by the time I had my plane ticket in hand to come back to the States, I was extremely excited for America!  But, two years later I can say I’m actually excited to go back.  Mostly because so much has changed since then.  Personally & professionally.  Also, I’m not moving there so I know I’m not stuck, merely a tourist.  And shiiiii, I lived there for almost 2 years! There are parts & memories I miss.

This was at the Houston Airport for my first trip & MOVE to Dubai…

I’m also excited because this time, I’m taking people with me! Not literally, but via Instagram stories and Snapchat.  I didn’t utilize the apps when I was living there so no one was able to see what I saw, and where I was living.  This time around I’m going to create a daily story & show you where I was & what I was doing when I lived there, I’m super excited to be able to do that!  Perks of social media.

If anyone has questions or wants to see anything, let me know & I’ll take you there 🙂

I don’t know what my stubborn self was thinking when I said I’m never going back to Dubai, maybe I’ll remember as soon as I land?  Ha!  Wouldn’t that be awful… I’m planning on blogging & social-ing while I’m there so be ready for me!

Have a great weekend, I’m off to pack a shit ton of clothing and this time.. I’m leaving out my daily uniform of cutoff shorts. Unnecessary.

Be thoughtful today…


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Shop What I’m Packing:

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