What Do You Think A Shelled Sunflower Seed Is?

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Holy shit!  Almost literally. I was scared to go to the bathroom the morning after I ate those fucking sunflower seed shells.  I know that’s all you’re wondering, how was my poo poo.  Well, ladies and gentleman I’m relieved to report everything flowed normally… so far.


If you don’t know what I’m talking about you didn’t see my Insta Story. I’ve been trying new cookbooks & have recently been using the Naturally Nourished recipes.  I went for a casserole recipe the other night & noticed one of the ingredients was “shelled sunflower seeds”.  To me, this meant in-shell.  I was in Trader Joe’s googling “Shelled Sunflower Seeds” with results showing sunflower seeds, IN SHELLS.  Confirming my thoughts that the recipe had to mean sunflower seeds, in their shell.

Does baking a shell of any seed make sense? No it doesn’t. But neither did putting bulbs of garlic in green juice to cure my shingles, but it worked.  My mind told me no. My gut told me yes. To pursue & discover this new secret vegan ingredient, sunflower seed shells.

I blended about 1/4 Cup of sunflower seeds, in their shells. I did have a moment of hesitation after noticing the sunflower seed shells weren’t grinding down very well.  After persistence, I sprinkled the crumbs onto my casserole and baked.

Sunflower seed shells are a softer shell, okay?  I ate them as a child.  I know.  So I thought, maybe baking them would create a soft, crunchy crust.  Clearly wrong.

THIS WAS NOT A GOOD IDEA. And likely unsafe. Therefore, don’t do it. Shelled means unshelled. I don’t understand it still, and probably never will, but what the hell, learned something new.  In my defense, in another recipe from the book it asked for “Pistachios, out of their shell” which is why I assumed if that’s what they meant w/sunflower seeds they would’ve said it the same way?



This leads me into… trying new shit!  I do it all the time & yes there are tons of fails,  (*dry heaving* Turmeric Golden Milk).  but it’s also how I find new ingredients, recipes, foods, adventures, hikes, shops, clothes, makeup, friends, animals.

We see a lot of *perfect* on Instagram, Snapchat, and blogs but that’s likely after a ton of trial and error.  Or they’re lying.  When I see someone still trying to claim turmeric milk is a good idea, I immediately lose trust in them. ha!

I try new things everyday, all the time. Wafiq often thinks I’m bat shit crazy, but I get bored easily. I don’t know if I would suggest experimenting as often as I do (definitely never eat a seed shell), but every once and while go outside of your “normal” box. Whether that means a different type of shoe or outfit choice.  Trying a spray tan instead of the sun.  Eating spicy food, new sushi roll, or curry.  Trying to be friends with someone opposite of yourself. Opening your mind to something you’re used to being closed off to.

As long as it’s safe, try new things!  And if you fail badly, that’s ok. I fail a lot a lot a lot, all of the time. But it creates a story, some very good laughs, and it keeps my life interesting.  There’s a few discoveries along the way that aren’t so bad either.  And don’t be afraid to fail or share when things don’t work, that makes you human. Right?

So there you have it, my human being story 🙂


Have a great start to the week everyone, it’s 85 degrees in Austin right now & everyone has their sweaters out! Oooo yes!

As always, be thoughtful…

(PS. Am I really the only one who reads “Shelled Sunflower Seeds” as seeds in their shells??  Ok, I’m done.)


++ So far, I’ve loved all the recipes I’ve tried from the Naturally Nourished cookbook, the ingredient mistake was all ME 🙂  

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