3 Tips For Normal People Trying To Take A Pretty Picture

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I HATE taking pictures.  I take them all the time for Instagram & my blog but it’s my least favorite thing to do.  People stay interested w/images more than a ton of writing so I know if I want my blog to be what I imagine, it has to include photos.  But it’s the hardest piece of the puzzle.  Can you be more into yourself than when you’re taking photos, trying to be pretty?  Ugh it makes me uncomfortable more than you’d imagine.

Good Photos

When you see pictures of me, this is typically the process. First, I hold the camera & Wafiq poses for it so he can remind me how easy it is.  He doesn’t care if other people are looking at him as he tries to act cool for pictures, he models confidently.  Once he makes me laugh enough, we switch.  He grabs the camera & tells me to do the same thing.  Boom, all my pictures.

I’m uncomfortable taking pictures & I know I’m not the only one.  Being in a picture these days means you’re likely going to be plastered on social media for everyone’s eyes.  Back in the day, a photo was shared w/family & maybe a few friends.  Now it’s all eyes on us, all the time!  The good side, having these pictures posted everywhere means we’ll easily be able to have the memory.  The best part, the memories. So I don’t let myself shy away from taking them.

There are a few, super simple tips I learned in college when pictures really started being a thing.  I wasn’t used to my picture being taken & after seeing a few horrible ones I started following these three rules for ALL photos.

Good Pictures


3 Easy Tips For Taking Pretty Pictures

  1. Stand Up Straight: Posture is everything. Standing up straight looks healthy, lean, alive, alert, eager, awake!  Slumping down is a bad habit & I noticed making the effort to tip your shoulders back & stand up straight helps a photo tremendously.  I have terrible posture, it’s one of the reasons I need to stick to Yoga, but I take a quick check in when I take a picture – stand up straight & put my shoulders back!  If you’re sitting, same thing, sit up straight. Whatever/wherever – check your posture.  Shoulders back, chin up & straight.
  2. Smile: I learned this tip in college when everyone wanted to take pictures ALL. THE. TIME. I didn’t grow up that way so I noticed every picture of myself looked awkward no matter how many duck faces I tried making… So I decided, I’m going to smile.  No matter what or where or who – I’m going to smile.  Thank God, that helped the last few years of college photos tremendously.  Not smiling is for models in awkward couture photo shoots, we normal people should be smiling!  It’s the prettiest way to be.  Even if you have bad teeth, or you feel uncomfortable, smile.  I went through treacherous teeth times, at one point I had a gold chain dangling down between teeth.  And looking back, a good smile still takes the cake in all the photos.  Happiness is translated through a smile.  It looks better than awkwardly trying to make a different face, trust me I’ve learned from experience.  Also, practice a real smile. Try to laugh a little so it’s natural.  I have tons of pictures dating back to my birth of a fake smile & holy smokes it’s uncomfortable to look at.  Give yourself a little real laugh, and a real smile will emerge.  Whatever you do, fucking SMILE.
  3. Confidence:  The best way to have the prettiest picture of yourself is to have confidence in your beauty.  I know this sounds a wee wee bit cheesy but I’m dead serious.  When the camera comes out, stand up, smile big, and be confident.  When you see the picture, you’ll see the confidence & love it!  It’ll make you smile for real, for real.  These days, some of us, are a lil freaked out by taking pictures because they end up everywhere BUT we must not fear a photo!  They’re still meant to be a memory.  Confidence is key.  Wafiq slays the game at being confident in a picture & you can see it!  I’m envious of his ability not worry about what other people think, and just be himself, which is why I always make him take pictures first.  No matter how you’re feeling, what you think you look like, just stand up straight, smile, and be confident.  Fuck it!

Good Pictures

Good Pictures

Alright, what do you guys think? Big picture people out there?  Anyone feel my pain w/shying away from the camera?

In other news, anyone watching the big fight this weekend?  For some reason I’m interested.  I hate fighting, I cry, I hate blood, and being mean – but fights interest me.  Mostly shock factor that a human being would sign up to get there ass kicked, but also… I’ve been listening to Joe Rogans podcast a lot lately.  Has me pretty excited.  I should mention, my eyes are closed most of the fights I’ve ever “watched” so I don’t technically know what happens.

Have a great weekend & be thoughtful!


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