3 Long Hair Tips For The Lazy

Did You Know? The worlds longest hair length was measured at 18 feet, 5.54 inches and belongs to Xie Qiuping from China (via)

I have Rapunzel hair. Long Hair

And as much as I would love to explain how I planned it that way & have spent years & years growing it long, that’s not 100% the case.  My hair grows like a weed.  Having short hair isn’t an option because it would take way too much effort to maintain.  Long hair is easy for me, I go to the Salon approx twice a year.

I get asked about my hair more than anything else. You know?  Like instead of “where did you get those granny Sketcher slide ons?” people ask about how I did the bun in my hair today.  I don’t know why?

3 Hair Tips

Hair Bun
The bun I do everyday…

3 Hair Tips

3 Hair Tips

3 Hair Tips

3 Long Hair Tips For The Lazy

1.Don’t wash it.  I don’t wash it because I’m lazy AF.  I know it’s almost trendy these days to say how many days in between washes you are for your hair.  “I haven’t washed my hair in 5 days!“.  Well, I haven’t washed my hair since I was a child.  Once a month my mom had to force me to wash it, and I don’t think she wanted to either but as a mother you feel like you have to enforce rules.  It takes an hour to brush out & another 3 days to air dry.  I see no interest.

How to make it in between washes?  Most of the time, I wear my hair up into a bun so it doesn’t get dirty.  Like you see in the pictures throughout this post.  If I was sweating or I feel like my hair needs a little rinse, I’ll run it through water when I shower.  Just water.  Sometimes, I’ll go the extra step & put conditioner in the ends.

The first few days of skipping a wash, I can easily throw my hair down from a bun & you can hardly notice any oil. I style it how I normally would and the oil is a little under the top pieces so you can’t see it, if that makes sense.  The photos in this post are 3 days without washing.  All I did was leave it in a bun, take it down, comb through it and wa-la!

Once my hair starts to get really oily I braid it, or brush it into a sleek pony tail.  

2. Bun it up!  Hell yes to a bun!  This is my favorite hair trick ever ever ever because it doesn’t pull tight & break your hair, it’s the easiest fucking thing ever, people think you tried hard, and when you let it down you have natural flowing, voluminous curls.  ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is twist your hair, and clip it.  Twist.  And Clip.  Twiiiist. and clip.  Use any clip, like these: here

When I’m putting in a little effort I’ll blow dry the top of my head and a little of the rest, then I twist it up into a bun that sits on the top of my head & let the baby hairs flow!  If you sleep this way or go a day or two this way, by the time you let your hair down it’ll be flowing with pretty, natural curls.  Heaven sent.

3. The Wet Brush.  All hail the wet brush.  I’ll admit, I’m way less fearful of washing my hair ever since I had this bad boy in my bathroom.   I promise you, tried and true, this brush will save your tangled nightmares in a heartbeat. I can’t believe I spent my entire life without it!  Everyone with hair needs it, I even try brushing Wafiq’s #2 hairs w/this bad boy just to show off.

3 Hair Tips
All these photos are 3 days after a wash & my hair clipped into a bun, then combed & let down!

3 Hair Tips

3 Hair Tips

3 Hair Tips

That’s it! Skip the wash, bun it up, and use a Wet Brush.  The keys to long hair life for lazy people.  I can get into blonde shampoo, styling, and a little more effort hair hacks later if there’s interest.  You all know I went and recorded myself French Braiding. UGH maybe I’ll post it this week, we’ll see!

As for now, anyone have any gold mine hair products, hacks, or tips?  I’m trying to step it up a little considering it’s almost fall and I don’t have hot weather as an excuse to wear a bun every single day.

Have a great day, and be thoughtful.

+ Hair Color & Cut by Steven Ouellette at Propaganda Hair Group // Austin TX

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