I’m Moving. 4 Items On My Furniture Wishlist.

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Happy Thursday!

We’re moving in a few weeks & I’m in the process of purging all of our furniture & starting over.  We adopted all the furniture & decor we currently have when we first got our apartment.  We had no money and conveniently had friends that were moving out of the country.  But it’s time to invest in some of our own shit.  Act like the adults that we are!

(At least I thought that until I started furniture shopping.  Shiiiii man does everyone realize how expensive furniture is?  I really look around when I enter a house now.  I’m terrified to sit on people’s couches.)

My goal with our living space is to make it as comfortable as possible, luckily Wafiq feels the same way.  Neither of us are looks > comfort.   He’s more concerned about mosquito netting on our patio than the main sofa in our living room.  The key here is to keep him focused on the mosquito netting, it’s all you bae. It’s all you.

Because I spent a lot of time dancing around in a whole new field of shopping addiction, I wanted to put together some pieces I’ve found.  I might not be able to make sense of them in the space that we’re about to have, but someone else might be able to!

New Furniture

4 Furniture Items on My Wishlist:

1. Novogratz Vintage Tufted Sofa Sleeper

It’s fucking pink. Is there any surprise here that I love this sofa.  I haven’t shopped at Walmart since 1993 but I would break that streak for this sofa.  And in this case, I would absolutely choose looks > comfort. HA!  It appears to be the perfect shade of pink rather than a hot pink or deep pink,  it’s affordable, and it lays down into a bed?!

2. iMac

This is me putting my dreams into the universe.  I’ve had my eye on this desktop since I was little katie.  I saw it in a friends house & felt it calling my name.  Such a boss piece.  I’ve also convinced myself I require this desktop to edit my videos/photos properly AND support my blogging hobby.   I understand the convenience of a laptop but we have phones that can do the convenience thing. I want something that I can sit down on, with a huge screen, nice chair, and push out work!

3. Midnight Tropic Wallpaper

I’m on a wallpaper kick.  I’m in love w/the patterns & life wallpaper can bring into a room, I’ve been stalking wallpaper on Instagram & only further deepening my love for it.   I really wanted to do a chic palm print in our bathroom – Wafiq and I are both obsessed with palm trees so I wanted something festive, but we’ll see if that happens.  We might be in this place for a short year so I don’t want to get very invested!  p.s. send me wallpaper pics!

4. Marble And Brass Set From West Elm

Marble is pretty & so is brass, this line of marble is even prettier in person.  I was strolling through West Elm last week looking for furniture but couldn’t keep my eyes off of these pretty marble pieces.  I feel like they would add such a touch of modern & fresh to the room.  Swoon.

What do you think?!  How it’s going to come together for me is yet to be determined. I may end up with all or none of my wishlist items but individually, I like each of them.  Does anyone have furniture shopping recommendations or online spots?!  I’m excitedly desperate.  I’m on my own, so helpful tips are greatly appreciated. Including tips for mosquito netting, ha! Jk. Please don’t.

I’m off to catch up on The Queen Of The South. If you haven’t watched this series you need to get on it!  SO. BINGE. WORTHY.  I want to do a post on TV series that’s titled: “Oh My God! I Can’t Believe We Didn’t Know About This Show Before!?!”  My exact words after watching The Queen of The South last night.  Obviously there’s great TV out there, I’m always at a loss on how to find it!

I love a good series, it gives my mind a break from thinking about my day & my work.  A good series takes me away & wraps me up in all their drama. You know?  Live like I’m a powerful drug dealer for an hour.

Ok, I’m off!  Have a great rest of the week!!

As always, be thoughtful


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