Quick Trips: Galveston, TX

Did You Know?  Wildwood Crest, New Jersey is the summer hot spot!  It took the No. 1 spot on TripAdvisor’s list this year for summer’s most popular destinations, beating out more well-known haunts like Virginia Beach and Montauk. ( via )


Well well well if you follow me on Instagram and happened to see my Insta Story, you’ll know that I tried making a YouTube video showing how to French braid hair.  That was a fucking adventure.  I can’t decide if I’m going to end up posting it, I may lose all my validity as a blogger or human being in general if I do so.  I sat down in front of the camera and started blabbering away.  I’m not sure if I fulfilled the original purpose of the video, which is why I’m thinking of ditching it.  We’ll see.  If for nothing else I’ll post it as a comedy.

BUT TODAY, we talk about Galveston TX.  We went for a little weekend trip to get out of Austin, and it was Bernice’s birthday.

Galveston Texas

Galveston Texas

I’ll cut to the chase and say Wafiq, myself, and Bernice LOVED Galveston.  Lemme get into it a little here…

First,  Hotel Galvez & Spa was charming, quaint, clean and friendly.  We hardly had to leave the premises.  Having the right hotel in this case, made a world’s difference to our Galveston trip & I highly suggest doing the same if you ever choose to visit.  They allow dogs which was the reason we chose the hotel.

Galveston Texas

Galveston Texas
Hotel Galvez Sunday Brunch set up

Hotel Galvez Perkies:

Pool  I’m not a HUGE fan of pools, I struggle with always feeling like they’re dirty.  I can’t get sweaty bodies, hairs, fluids out of my mind & imagine that swarming around in a pool?  I’ll take an ocean or a pool the size of one… There was seating under tons of shade with drinks + food, so it worked.

Spa – Wafiq and I went for our first massage!  OK, maybe I’ve had a massage or two a long time ago but I didn’t enjoy them.  This was the first time I committed to the Spa experience & fell in love.  Ladies, the best idea coming at you right now so pay attention – bring your man for a massage, really put in work to convince him it’s a great idea.  I had our massage tech explain all the varieties of massages, how beneficial they are for the body, why they’re important, the range of possibility.  I even had her use Eucalyptus in the diffuser because it’s Wafiq’s fav.  So it came at no surprise to me when we finished in the Spa & Wafiq said: “we should start trying all kinds of massages, everywhere”.  Why yes, yes we should.  I’ve now tricked him into believing it’s his idea to participate in massages everywhere we go & 100 massages later I’ll be the one smiling 🙂  P.S. This particular spa had lavender champagne upon arrival.

Brunch – Insane amounts of good food. I’m not typically a fan of buffets because, why?  I like to order one thing & eat it…  I’m super sensitive to waste, especially food waste.  I can’t stand over ordering food or eating more than your body needs, so I’m not typically impressed with a buffet.  We loved the hotel, just finished our massage, so I couldn’t say no as we walked past the buffet.  Of course, everything was excellent + fresh!

Bar –  Similarly to New Orleans a few weekends ago, my fav thing of the entire trip was the hour we relaxed & listened to the pianist in the lobby bar before going to sleep.  For me, that’s the winning ticket.  Simple, soft, relaxing ambiance.  And I even had my doggie there with me.  Dream happy.

Galveston Texas
When I wore this shirt, people were literally being nicer to me. It took my awhile to figure that out…

Galveston Texas

Galveston Texas-0002

Galveston Texas

Besides the hotel, because there was so much more than that!  We had dinner at Rudy & Paco’s which I believe is highly recommended on the tourist sites & I have to agree w/the suggestion.  The first 5 items on the entrée menu included Snapper, which is hands down my favorite seafood dish of all time.  Snapper is delicious, try it next time you have the chance. Red Snapper fish! MMMMMmmmmmm.  Make reservations way ahead of time if you want to go eat here, it’s pretty crowded.

There was so much more to do in Galveston… I feel like I would’ve loved to ride a bike down the coast, try more Seafood, check out the little shops, test a few more Spa options…  BUT we sang happy birthday to Bernie on the beach right after sunset, ate delicious snapper, relaxed on lawn chairs while the weather slowly cooled off, enjoyed our own margaritas, cuddled Bernice too much, ate pizza with no make up on a Saturday night, and took some fresh fish home with us.  What more can I ask for?!

More than anything else, Wafiq & I went to Galveston w/the full intention to relax & take it easy.  We didn’t have expectations or a schedule or plans.  We wanted to go with the flow, sleep in, hang out, relax, and be together as a little family unit.  It’s crazy how much can change in a few months, all of a sudden we’re both so busy & invested in our day to day work that it’s hard to hit pause & hang out.

Galveston Texas

Galveston Texas

Galveston Texas

What kind of weekend getaways do you prefer, city or beach? Warm or cold? Relaxing or adventure?  I feel like I’m always switching up my preferences, or learning more about what I prefer every day.

OMG, sorry, I have to go, first time this season I’m tuning into the Bachelorette, live.  The last episode is always the best and most dramatic, can’t wait!!  I’m even skipping my work out for this.

Have a great week everyone! As always, be thoughtful, oui!


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