Life Chats: Bernice Turns 6!

Did You Know?  “Contrary to popular belief, dogs do not sweat by salivating. They sweat through the pads of their feet.”  ( via )

I can’t believe it’s already August.  I’m actually okay with that because, as much as the rest of Austin is loving to complain about the heat, I’m grateful it hasn’t been worse!  Sure, it’s been 106+ everyday but it’s August… in Texas.  Wouldn’t we be concerned if it was any other way?  Not to mention a few years ago we were 110+ for a record number of days before we saw August 1.

Life Chats

Life Chats

I’m also feeling refreshed off our weekend trip to Galveston, TX.  We happened to go on Bernice’s birthday weekend which made it extra special,  she’s like my human child.  I love her too much.  I adopted her 6 years ago & I remember getting her home, looking at her, and telling her we were about to have a long ass adventure together.  A lot of people advised against getting a dog because I was young & single and way too busy to take on the responsibility. But, like most of my life decisions, I said fuck it and did what I wanted –  I went to the Humane Society, saw her, and took her home immediately.  No play time before adoption, like I was advised.  She was sitting in urine and curled up in a ball at the back of her cage, 15 minutes to closing and I said that puppy is coming home with me today.

For the first year I thought about taking her bitch ass back to the shelter, not really.  In the beginning she was a demon child but day by day I became more obsessed.  She was exactly what I needed.   And being young & single couldn’t have been a better time to take on the responsibility of a dog.  She started my own little family. And although I was single, my family lived away, and I had no human children,  I never felt alone after that.  I know a lot of people who don’t have dogs struggle to understand how people can be so obsessed, but there’s nothing like the unconditional love of a dog.  Adopt one, train them well, and you’ll see for yourself 🙂

Besides that weekend trip to the beach, I have a lot going on in the next two months. Wafiq and I are moving into a little bigger space and I noticed all my Pinterest searches are heavily invested in home decor.  If you remember, Wafiq and I moved into the apartment we currently have with a borrowed mattress, pillows, and toilet paper from the community bathrooms.  A LOT has changed since then so I’m ready to make our living space something we’re comfortable in.   Awhile ago we changed our bedroom and it made a world’s difference, which taught me how important an aesthetically pleasing living space actually is.  Once we move and get settled in I’ll share pictures and purchases.  I’m on the hunt for realistically priced items to fill our space. (WAY harder to do with furniture than I was hoping.)

Life Chats

Ok, since writing and editing nearly an entire post about Bernice, I’m going to go cuddle her.  She was so exhausted from the weekend she didn’t even wake me up this morning with whimpers for her breakfast.   That’s the best dog-mom compliment of all time, too tired to eat!

I should also note, I’ve started to dabble in Instagram video. I’m trying to get a little better at it, so check it out and let me know what you think.

Have a great day/weekend and enjoy AUGUST!

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