Loving Lately: August 2017

Did You Know?  “The month of August is often referred to as the “dog days of summer” but not because of pet pooches. It has to do with the star Sirius, also known as the dog star, which rose at the same time as sunrise during the month of August in ancient Roman times.” ( via )

I feel like I haven’t shared my favorite things in forever!  We’re in the process of moving to a bigger space so my mind has been full on designing & decorating…  Bringing Wafiq to Ikea on a Friday evening after work, or even better a busy Saturday afternoon “just to look around” has been really pushing the limits of our relationship.

I’m totally the type that when I purchase something for the right price, that serves its purpose in all the right ways, I want to tell EVERYONE about it.  Like, please join me in celebration of this accomplishment… please?

I have way more than 5 items but this is what we’ll stick to this month, limitations are a good thing.


Loving Lately August
1. False Lash Glue: here // 2. Garnier Makeup Remover: here // 3. NYX Concealer: here // 4. Lion King Shirt: here Groot shirt: here Mens Tee: here // 5. Nikes: here


5 Items I’ve Been Loving Lately:

1.Secure Hold False Lash Adhesive 

I enjoy fake eyelashes because it’s a challenge & I’m determined to master it.  I wasn’t born w/long fluttery bat wings on my eyeballs like Wafiq, so I try to create my own.  Emphasis on the word try.  My favorite eyelashes (so far) are these: HERE.  Like always, I only do makeup when I’m bored, so I don’t get to try false lashes very often.  What made me discover this eyelash glue was the reaction my eyes were having from the drug store eyelash glue.  Every morning after I would use false lashes I had VERY swollen eye lids.  I blamed my allergies but knew better.  I searched the internet & found this glue.  It changed the game for me!  No more hurt eyes, super easy to apply, and holds the eye lashes for as long as I need them – let the false lash experiment continue!

2.  Garnier Makeup Remover

I went through a whole bottle of this makeup remover & recently reordered so I have to assume it’s a favorite.   Cuz the bottle is a practically gallon size.  Unlike the rest of the world, I HATE makeup remover wipes.  They burn my skin!  And I’ve tried several brands so those are a no-no in my inventory.   I take a small, round cotton pad and use this makeup remover for my eyes and it works like a charm.  No pulling, no rubbing, no back and forth action.  Removes ALL my makeup quick & painless.  If it’s a big makeup wearing day, I’ll run a damp pad across my face too.  Really get that shit out of my skin.  Love this stuff!

3.  NYX Concealer

I left this pretty little product off to collect dust & I don’t know why.  I recently picked up a few NYX Concealer tubes after another brand made my eye area turn to alligator skin.  Immediately, I wondered why I ever left this product behind.   I limit my everyday makeup routine to mascara & concealer ONLY & this is the concealer I switched to.  It’s super lightweight but covers exactly what I need to, and it’s affordable.  PS. Order it online, it’s always sold out!

4.  Mens T-Shirts

Yes yes yes!! Texas is hot AF.  I hate the heat, but hate being uncomfortable even more.  I will do anything to make it through the summer feeling comfortable.  Cotton tee’s are perfect!  My two go-to for T’s are Forever 21 & Kohls.   Forever 21 has tons of awesome men’s t-shirts available in all the right colors for $10!  I stocked up & am considering going back for more.  And don’t get me started on Kohls.  I went in there because it’s right next to DSW and found The Lion King & I Am Groot shirts, also for $10!

5.  Running

I’m putting running in the mix because I recently started  again & am so happy that I did.  Running is truly a form of therapy.  Put on good music & hit the trails!  I used to love running but it’s so easy to fall out of the habit.  Consistency is key.  If you’ve been doing a regular gym routine or other form of work out, try taking a break from those workouts and hit the trail for a run.  With good music & a new running outfit – you’ll thank me for this reminder.  Also! If you’re not a runner, start very small & take it a step further every single day.  That’s how I started & I promise it works.

Ok, share what you’ve been loving lately!

Also, anyone have any good home/furniture shopping tips?  On the hunt!

Have a great rest of the week & be as thoughtful as always…


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