Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Wishlist

Did You Know? Nordstrom became what it is today from just $5. John W. Nordstrom moved to America from Sweden when he was just 16 and only had $5 to his name. In 1897, he saw a newspaper headline about gold mines in Alaska. John moved to Alaska and through hard work turned his $5 into $13,000. In 1901, John and his friend Carl Wallin opened a shoe store called Wallin & Nordstrom, which later turned into Nordstrom, Inc. ( v i a )

I keep drooling over the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, mostly because it’s a fun hobby to engage in while I try to procrastinate on the long list of things I’m actually supposed to get done.  If you have a shit ton of money, can you buy my wishlist?  Then take a picture of yourself with it & send it to me?  That way, I’ll be able to validate the hours I’ve spent searching the sale.


I’ll admit, a good sale always gets me.  I hate buying anything for the full beefy price that it starts at – it’s a game for me.  I know I can & will find it for less.   With a Nordstrom Sale, I think the best angle is to buy something that’s typically more expensive. i.e. shoes, purse, jacket.  All expensive items, but you’ll benefit from the biggest savings.  With clothes, you can get a good sale item any day of the year – it’s those expensive, new, shiny pieces that are real trophy winners.

Top 3 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Wishlist Items:

1.  Marc Fisher Over The Knee Boot

Having said that, I’ve stuck to spendy items.  When dreaming, dream big.  I’ve been on the hunt for a quality over the knee boot for several seasons now.  I have my eyes on these bad boys.  I’ve read reviews, searched fashion blogger pics, and finally decided to put these on my wishlist.  The key with boots that go up so high, is that they stay high & don’t slip down the leg.  Also, that they’re tight enough where you don’t look like you have bulky legs but loose enough that you can walk around comfortably.  It’s a trick, but reading reviews & seeing them on fashion blogs helps a lot (God forbid we go try them on in a store, shivvvers).  Others: here 

2. Tory Burch Leather Tote

I hate purses, but love them.  I hate them because I’m always leaving mine behind, LOL!  And I love them because they give me the freedom to bring as many things as I want with me everywhere I go.  I even tried to pack my 35lbs dog in one once, it didn’t work.  I went inside Nordstrom to look at the anniversary sale handbags recently & know for certain my dream bag is this one… The quality is A+ and the bag literally shines through a pile of other bags.  I fell in love.  The whole collection is really gorgeous depending on your preference of bag. There’s also a more affordable one I found still in stock that also fits the bill: here

3. Faux Leather Moto Jacket

If you know me you know this jacket is made for me!  I love the flowers w/the leather, super cool factor happening here.  Someone buy this jacket! It’s too gorgeous not too,  I have a similar bomber that I’m obsessed with and can’t wait to bring back out in cooler months.

Anyone else partaking in some major sale items?  I’m also extremely distracted today looking at old puppy pictures of my little girl Bernice.  Her birthday was yesterday, she turned 6.  And we’re taking her to the beach this weekend.  All hands on Bernice! So. In. Love.

Have a great weekend everyone & be thoughtful.


Other Nordstrom Anniversary Finds:

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