Who, What, Where, When Why of a Compliment!

Did You Know?  “About 57% of millionaires worth more than $5 million say they shop at Home Depot all the time, according to the Spectrem Group. Other favorites include Costco, Lowe’s, and Target. Only 8% say they regularly shop at Neiman Marcus.”  ( v i a )

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I saw the quote “Compliment People. Magnify Their Strengths” on Instagram & have it saved on my phone.  Complimenting people is the best feeling & easy to do, but also easy to forget.  I  started thinking about how compliments make me feel, and how I feel when I give them.

I hate sounding like a cheesy (or creepy) person when I compliment someone so I’ve dug into what a good compliment looks like. Let me know what you think.



Here we go: The Who. What. Where. When. and Why. of a Good Compliment:


I notice we tend to compliment the people we don’t see very often more than the people we see everyday.  If you  haven’t seen someone in a while it’s easy to open with:   “You look so skinny!”  “I love your hair cut!”  “I’m glad you found the job you love”   But we shouldn’t forget the people we’re closest too!  I was in my car talking about teeth the other day and looked over to my friend who has envy worthy teeth.  I paused to tell her, with a little intention behind it, how nice her smile was because of her pearly white, big, teeth.  Shit man, because why not?!  We see each other or talk every day and don’t think to stop and compliment them? But we should!! Your best friend, your boyfriend/husband, your coworker, your trainer… your animal.


Genuine & authentic compliments are a little harder to do than throwing out a quick, “I like your dress” which is why I think they’re special to try doing.  Don’t get me wrong, if someone is wearing a killer dress – that’s still an awesome compliment.  But I challenge you to go a step further by complimenting someone’s smile or the way they listen to people or how good they are at multi-tasking.  That sounds like a cheesy thing to do but I notice it’s unexpected & appreciated.  Of course a fancy dress, new hair color, or a fresh tan are all worthy compliments too, but it’s good to mix them up!


I would try to give a genuine compliment daily.  You don’t want to go around telling every single person you meet that you like their shoes, because how special is that person really feeling?  You like everyone’s shoes you fucking asshole, not just mine.  So try to tell one genuine compliment a day.  “Hot damn girl, you really got that multi tasking action going on today, killing it!”


At home! With the people you see everyday!  Those are the ones you’re likely forgetting, those pretty faces you surround yourself with daily are the ones you can find the best compliments for.


A good compliment makes someone feel special.  They feel unique & good inside. Why wouldn’t you want to make someone feel that way?  Would I rather hear about your super busy day today and how everything in the world sucks and there’s so much traffic and UGHHH… OR… “I’m so proud of you for prioritizing your workouts today, that’s badass.  Tell me about it.”






What do we think? Are we complimenting people everyday & encouraging them? Or talking about the bullshit traffic situation on the way home from work?

I was listening to Joe Rogen’s podcast (currently obsessed) and they emphasized how much negativity we are constantly subjected to.  We hear how bad everything and everyone is all the time, we almost literally have the weight of the world on our shoulders.  So let’s spread good news & positive stories – let’s work that into our compliments, shall we?

Ok, off to ditch a workout… I’ve been very obedient lately and was struggling the other day when it was 100+ degrees outside, so I’m going to opt for wine tonight instead.  Balance.

Also, I wasn’t interested in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (because who has $10,000 to spend on one too many purses for a retail holiday) BUT… 3 hours later I have 5 things in my shopping bag. It’s dangerous but I think I kept it minimal.  Below are a few of my finds, if you’re interested.  Do you shop the sale, or for that matter, do you know what it is?! LOL

Have a great weekend and be thoughtful!


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