3 Easy Ways To Get Motivated For Your Workouts

Did You Know?  “Fitness tracker sales are expected to hit $4 billion in 2017” ( v i a )

Ey Ey ey!  Working out & staying in shape is what the cool kids are doing.  And we all secretly want to be a cool kid.

Hike Trail

There are perks to the healthy body madness. I went running on one of Austin’s popular running trails yesterday… HELLO hot, juicy, sweating bodies. (hi.) I literally couldn’t stop starring.  My eyes were locked on the masterpiece known as the human body.  Men, women, everyone.  Then, I took matters in my own hands and tried running like I was one of these sculpted specimens.  I almost passed out & died on the side of the trail… after mile 1, but for a few minutes of feeling like a cool kid, it was worth it.

This leads me to the biggest challenge of all time – staying motivated to work out.  This is especially hard for me because I’m on an island alone with one skinny man:  Wafiq.  He can eat whatever the F he wants and maintain a steady weight w/a waistline of my dreams.   I add a little too much cheese to my salad & I’m up 10 inches.

Staying motivated is the key to success.  If for nothing else, working out makes you feel hotter.  Even if you look the same, lol!  I’ve found 3 super easy ways to keep on track.  There’s nothing better in the world than feeling healthy.  Physically & mentally, go hand in hand.

Hike Trail

Hike Trail


3 Easy Ways to Stay Motivated For Your Workouts!

1. Never Skip A Monday

Monday sets the tone for your entire week.  It’s a fresh start!  I actually love Monday’s, nothing better than getting started w/a full week ahead of you.  If you workout on Monday you’re already one workout down & you’re more likely to workout the rest of the week… That’s usually what happens for me. Not to mention, the mental health reward of working out on a Monday really keeps things on track.

2. New Workout Clothes

Workout clothes are trendy these days, which is awesome because it highlights a healthy lifestyle.  It’s cool to workout & be in shape.  I love that!  If you get a new workout outfit that you’re excited to wear, you’ll be excited to go workout with it.  Don’t buy yoga pants to lounge in.  Buy workout bras, shoes, tops, and shorts that are really meant to bring out the athlete inside you.  Also, spending a little extra $$$ on workout clothes isn’t the worst thing in the world, it’ll give you more reason to get your workout in! This is the easiest & best way to keep me on a routine.  Go figure, shopping.  As soon as I start feeling unmotivated I hit online shopping for some new gear. I love Victoria’s Secret, Dicks, and Alo for my workout clothes – but totally shop around, that’s part of the fun!  I’ve recently found a new love for Old Navy, yes Old Navy, the store we went to when we were kids to buy the cute American Flag shirts… Who would have thought they have SUPER affordable & quality athletic clothing – like these pants: here or these tops: here.  I’m telling you, steal of a deal!

3. Get A Dog

Not joking.  As I said in my post: Single Girls Need A Dog, dogs equal responsibility. And responsibility that we, people without children, need.  I can’t stay inside all day because my sweet angle dog would go crazy & I love making her happy.  There’s nothing she loves more than being outside.  I signed up for a workout camp that’s outside & I take her with me every time I go.  If we can’t make the class, I’ll take her running or hiking. I know if I didn’t have her as a responsibility I would be WAY less likely to get outside & be active.  I also think having a dog is better than having a friend to workout with because I know with friends you can talk each other out of workouts too easily, or have conflicting schedules.  There is no excuse or working around taking your dog outside on a run or workout.  And I feel so happy to do so!  It’s a win-win.  (P.S. I love her so much, it’s stressful)

Hike Trail


Hike Trail

Hike Trail Hike Trail

What do you guys think?  How do you stay motivated to work out?!  I have a couple other tricks up my sleeve that help me stay on track but these are my three favorites & biggest motivating factors for sure.

Speaking of working out, I ate pounds of cake over the weekend because we celebrated Wafiq’s birthday so several workouts are in my near future.

Have a great week & be thoughtful


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