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Did You Know? The World Wide Web contains at least 4.61 billion website pages – Thank you for reading my 1/4.61 billion ❤︎

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OMGOMGOMG Fuck a blog… Not really a blog, but the internet!

I feel like no matter how hard I try to understand the world wide web I’m still a newborn baby that needs full service attention when trying to navigate through my site.  And I’m never satisfied.  So here we are with a new site, which I’m a lot happier about.  Hopefully it’ll be easier to navigate & be able to find old posts.  They’re so many treasures, even for myself, that I want to easily be able to discover again!

MissBassmaster Summer

I missed writing… a lot.  When I stop writing I feel a little lost in my day to day – needless to say I’m anxious to get back & my site will have to be tweaked along the way.  {Lord have mercy.}

I have posts ready to rock! And I should mention, I’m very excited for the summer, a lot more excited than I was when I was last writing.  Although the heat can be miserable in Texas, it held off long enough into the year where I’m ready for it now.  Have my bottles of spray tan on deck with a few new swimsuits so I feel as prepared as I can be.

I know I wrote this on Instagram but it stuck with me so I wanted to share… Someone came into my office the other day (he’s kind of an asshole) and asked if I had any big summer plans… I know he was referring to the vacations I had planned for the summer.  He’s super conservative too so if I said I’m planning a trip with my boyfriend he would have 1,000 questions about when we’re getting married.  You know?  If I’m already vacationing with him, marriage has to be right around the corner, naturally.  (I moved across the world with a boy, I think a lil vacation is hardly a ripple in the water).  Anyways, as I was wondering if my weekend getaways qualify for “Big summer plans” I stopped myself.   I responded with excitement: “YES!  Tons of big plans.  Everyday I wake up with a list of plans that I consider pretty big & exciting, so it’s going to be a great summer!”

He did think that was a good answer for the record.

Because the truth is guys, as much as I’m looking forward to a few of my weekend getaways I’m reaaaaallly looking forward to the walk I have with my dog in the late evening when the sun is still out.  The super icy margarita’s in the steamy hot evening weather with Wafiq.  The way everyone meets at pools to BBQ on Saturdays.  The live music that happens on an almost weekly basis in Austin.  Talking to my mom for an hour outside at lunch.  The smell of HOT.  Days off work + school! Wearing less clothes.

Every day activities excite me more than any of my summer getaways, and that’s the honest truth!

That answer felt so natural that it excited me.  I was excited to feel excited about each day… And I challenge you to fill your days with things that excite you too. I know it’s the smaller things, like walking my dog at 8:00pm in the summer evenings that make me the happiest, you have to recognize that those small daily things are the most important to appreciate.  At least I think so 😀

MissBassmaster Summer

MissBassmaster Summer

MissBassmaster Summer

MissBassmaster Summer

MissBassmaster Summer

MissBassmaster Summer
When the crew gets too hot to work…


MissBassmaster Summer

MissBassmaster Summer

MissBassmaster Summer

Alright, I’m back!  I’m off to spend time writing and taking pictures and creating once again!  Just don’t ask me to work on the site, at all.  Zero interest in coding, that is for sure.

I went in on my About Me and FAQ pages so take a look when you have a chance.  If you have questions/info you want me to add to either of them I’m more than open for suggestions!  Shoot them my way.

As for you, have a great day! Make the little things you enjoy a part of your day & appreciate them, that’s my wise advice for the week.

As always, be thoughtful.


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