5 Rules For Acceptable Bragging

Did You Know?  In a survey of 2,000 people, more than 75% admitted to lying about themselves on social profiles.  Only 18% said that their Twitter and Facebook profiles accurately represent them.

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There’s something about being a badass bragger that I love.

If you do it wrong, than bragging is horrifically obnoxious.

5 Rules-for-Bragging

I love hearing people talk about what they’re passionate about, what makes them happy.  Whether that was a time in their life or an event they’re currently going through.  To see them get excited & feel comfortable enough opening up is exciting.  Conversations like these really get me going.


But there’s also people that don’t know how to brag properly.  They’re more focused on being a show off than sharing good news.  I think if you have to glorify every part of your life & constantly talk about it, there must be some self-confidence issues going on.  (LOL I’m laughing at my physiological conclusions here, but stay with me)


I broke down 5 Rules To A Good Brag because I think at some point bragging is awesome, but you have to do it correctly.

Rules-for-Bragging(6) 5 Rules-for-Bragging

5 Rules-for-Bragging

5 Rules-for-Bragging

5 Rules-for-Bragging

5 Rules To Being A Badass Bragger

  1. Wait for someone to ASK YOU about something.  This rule is a little tricky because sometimes people don’t know what to ask.  But, for the most part, always wait for someone to ask about you & what you’ve been up to. If that’s your children, dog, career, vacation, relationship, boyfriend – wait for them to ask.  “How’s work going?”  “I saw you ran a marathon, was it hard?” “How’s Bernice?”  If they never ask, that’s pretty telling, they don’t give a shit. HA!  Send them to my post on: LISTENING.
  2. Shut Up.  Conversation tip across the board – Shut Up.  Don’t go on forever about anything, ever.  No matter who you are or how important the info you’re sharing is, remember to cut it off. Or at least stop, breathe, and ask for questions?
  3. Think about the WHY.  Why are you sharing?  Are you sharing because you want to feel better about yourself?  That’s not the right reason.  Are you sharing because you’re excited & want others to feel excited too?  Then brag away! But don’t brag simply so you can feel cool, or better, or special.  Brag because you’re overjoyed & want others to feel overjoyed too.
  4. Always express your GENUINE gratitude & appreciation.  This is the most important one to being a good bragger.  You have to always make sure you express how lucky you are to be married to the top RE Agent in the U.S. ( 😉 )  Or how grateful you are to travel through the African Safari for 6 months of the year.  Or how appreciative you are that you have the career of your dreams.  I don’t know what you’re bragging about, but it’s important to ALWAYS be humble while bragging.  Then others know, you know, you’re lucky.
  5. Try to include your audience.  Sometimes you might be bragging about something huge.  You’re getting married, you’re having a kid.. That’s big stuff, and likely your audience isn’t going through that large of an event to equally be able to brag about it… Still try to include them, rather than talk AT them forever.  If they have kids, or got married, try to relate or ask questions.  Help them remember those times.  Bring them in, because talking AT people is really annoying, so do your best to include them somehow.5 Rules-for-Bragging

5 Rules-for-Bragging5 Rules-for-Bragging

5 Rules-for-Bragging


What do you think about Bragging?!  Funny topic right?  Bragging is weird to admit because it’s so much conversation about yourself!  But it’s fun to be excited with people who are excited, so if you brag correctly – then brag away!


I’m off to brag to Wafiq about how I was paid today and have yet to blow it all online shopping!  I’m sharing with him because I’m excited & I’ll ask him how he’s doing on his savings so we can be proud together!  HA!


Have a great weekend everyone! Go out, brag away, and be thoughtful…



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