10 Amazon Products Under $10

Did You Know? Amazon began in the garage of founder Jeff Bezos’ home in Washington State. The site was launched on July 16 1995

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Like I’ve mentioned before, the one complaint I have about Amazon is the browsing options.    You can’t really get on Amazon & browse through it like you would at a store or another website.  You have to know what you’re looking for in order for Amazon to be useful.  That’s why I like sharing what I buy.

Today’s list is 10 Under $10.

I tried to keep all of the items Prime eligible so you don’t end up paying for shipping, if you’re a Prime member that is – which at this stage in the game, how can you not be?

10 Under 10 on Amazon

10 Products on Amazon Prime Under $10


1. Waterproof Phone case:

This is your friendly reminder to order this awesome, super affordable water proof phone case before Summer is in full swing.  It’s awesome for the pool/lake/ocean when you want to keep your snapchat & photos going strong – but also convenient to protect your phone from all water concerns.


2. Real Techniques Beauty Sponge:

I was using the original Beauty Blender for a while but I hated how dirty they got.   I attempted cleaning them but am never satisfied.  Spending $20 every time I wanted a new one seemed ridiculous, so I started using these beauty sponges instead & haven’t looked back.  I use them for a majority of my makeup & it honestly makes the application too easy.


3. Wet Brush:

This. Is. The. Shit.  Really, praise Jesus.  This brush goes through my thick, tangled mess with ZERO problems. Enough said.


4. Vacuum Wine Stopper:

If you didn’t know this vacuum wine stopper existed, and at such an affordable price, then I apologize. I was also missing out for a long time & I understand that unfortunate feeling.  Like all your best friends knew about a secret pill to keep you skinny & never told you.  I’m there.


5. LED String Lights:

I love fairy lights because they make the perfect relaxed ambiance.  I’m also a 7 year old girl inside.  I was using old Christmas lights during my morning Yoga to achieve the perfect lighting but since then have discovered these string lights & love them!  I hung them all over the place & get away with it because you can’t see the string until you turn them on 🙂


6. Feathers:

I recently discovered how AMAZING Amazon is for costume & craft supplies.  I went to Carnaval a few months ago & made costumes for Wafiq & I.  After searching costume shops & craft stores I compared all the prices with what I found on Amazon & it was incomparable.  I don’t think I’ll be in a costume or craft store again for a long time, the savings are that awesome. ( Body Jewels, Costume Glue, Yarn )


7. Collapsible Dog Bowls:

If you don’t already own these bowls for your doggies then you need to!  They’re so easy to transport – you’ll always have a dish available for water. My dog still acts like a 2 year old & inhales all her food in mili-seconds so I find it helps to collapse her bowl when she’s done & easily put it away. I’m trying to help her work through her binge eating habits.  (Also, THESE dog treats!)


8. Dog Bags:

I pick up ALL my dog’s droppings & if you have a dog you should too.  I get red with fury when I bring my dog on walks & there’s dog shit everywhere.  Even super large mounds of dog shit in the middle of a path, really?! Who the fuck does this?   It really pisses me off. And, I’ve done so well with my animal,  I’ve managed to teach her not to shit on walking paths – she goes on a little gander off the path to take her bathroom break, then I proceed to pick it up & throw it in the trash can. You also notice I say:  throw it in the trash can?  That doesn’t mean you put the shit in a bag, tie the top, & drop it on the ground for someone else to pick up – doesn’t work like that people.  I know I’m venting on behalf of other people & am definitely not alone.  The dog bags on Amazon come in huge packs so you will NOT run out & they’re super affordable! No excuses.  Pick up your dog shit!


9. Batteries:

You know how annoying it is when one of those small, round batteries dies?  Because you’ll never remember to pick up another one at the store & you definitely won’t remember what battery it is, RTJ-0078 or WJO-2833 or NWH-9340293, – not happening.  They’re typically cheaper on Amazon AND all you have to do is open the app on your phone, click, and order. Easy!


10. Toothpaste

I buy all my dental products on Amazon, and here’s a toothpaste for you.  I like Tom’s products.  I haven’t done research about them but they seem to work the best for me, rather than the typical Crest or Trident brands.  The world made me paranoid of chain products so I trick myself into feeling better by purchasing Tom’s.


If you get the Amazon App you can order everything on this list for under $100 and have it at your door in 2 days.  It’s a miracle, isn’t it?  What else do you guys buy on Amazon, it’s as if Amazon users are in a secret little club of all things easy!

I hope you’re all rounding out your April in the best way! I’m about to finally confront myself with the reality that this may be the last weekend I see 80 degree temperatures in awhile – at least while in Texas.  I’ve had a long talk with my dog about this, as we both hate it equally.  Soon, I think we’ll get our minds right & be able to handle our reality – let’s see.

Have a great day & be thoughtful!


+ Amazon Prime, Beginners Guide: HERE

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