15 Things To Get Done This Spring

Did You Know: It’s World Poetry Day March 21st so I thought I would share this one:

Some days,

I feel everything at once.

Other days,

I feel nothing at all.

I don’t know what’s worse:

Drowning beneath the waves

or dying from the thirst. ( o.m. )


I love places with 4 seasons because they’re precious & only a few parts of the world get to fully experience them. For the rest of us, Spring is a date on the calendar & something to pretend we actually experience.

Spring Checklist

I use the change of seasons as a check in.

I hate getting comfortable.  I’m 50% a lover of routine & my home BUT I’m 50% ready to pack a suitcase & start a new life-altering adventure next Tuesday.  Too much comfort gives me anxiety. That’s why, with the change of seasons, I try to get my shit together.  Mix in a couple planned trips, organize my memories, and throw things out!


I’m also the person that has lists EVERYWHERE.  I have a list for every thought in my mind.  As I was making my Spring To Do List I thought I should turn it into a post so you guys don’t have to sit down & do the brainstorming.   Maybe you can take a few things off my list to add to your own, and share a couple things from your Spring lists?  Changing little parts of our routines & making plans is key to cultivating adventures. And who doesn’t like adventures?

Spring Checklist
Shoes ( h e r e ) // Pants ( other color options: h e r e )

15 Things To Get Done This Spring:


  • Clean out your living space, cliché, but this is major. For help: Click Here
  • Take advantage of the sun being out & workout outside (… and shed any added winter weight)
  • Start your allergy medicine regime
  • Buy extra flowers to fill all of your rooms, this is the time to go overboard!
  • Change up your wardrobe, wear florals & pastel colors like: this floral maxi dress & this pink sweater
  • Organize or create your outdoor space (yard or patio) & get a fire pit to have a few fires
  • Start mastering your self-tanning routine, for help: Click Here
  • Order your summer swimsuits, a favorite: one piece here & two piece here
  • Plan your summer vacation & weekend getaways
  • Bring your doggie on a canoe, before it gets too hot & uncomfortable for them
  • Go Camping! While all the flowers are blooming & it’s cold at night
  • Organize your photos from the year so you can start fresh
  • Backup your phone (I’m the worst at this)
  • Download music that has a Spring vibe: Like this or this
  • Write down 5 things your grateful for this Spring


Spring Checklist

Ok, what did I miss? Favorite Spring activities?


I’m currently off to grill burgers.  We haven’t been grilling recently but the weather is already starting to steam in Texas so the BBQ has been calling.  Not to mention it’s been forever since I indulged in my all-time favorite Basic Burger salad & something about the warmer weather has me craving it!  (Can you tell I’m starving hungry?!)




As always, be thoughtful



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