Life Chat: Meeting Nick from New Girl

Did You Know? When Tim Allen was 25 years old he was arrested in Michigan after he was found to be in possession of 1.43 pounds of Cocaine.

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Hey everybody!!

Austin Texas

What are we up to?!  I’ve been doing my best to engage in SXSW activities.  Wafiq & I always love how cool Austin feels during this time.

Last weekend we were walking around when it was rainy and cold, all the streets downtown were bustling with people & we both immediately felt like we were in another city.  So alive & streets filled with people, not to mention the cooler weather & rain made us feel like we were on vacation… Yes, rain and cold weather makes us feel like we’re on vacation, lived too many years in desert weather!

Austin Texas

We walked by the SXSW red carpet outside the Paramount Theater & noticed a premiere was showing.  I’m not sure what the movie was BUT, Nick from New Girl was there.

We had an excited moment as we walked by & both excitedly said “It’s Nick! It’s Nick!”.  There were people with their phones out & he was pretty open to talking or saying hi to his fans but as we walked away I realized I didn’t like seeing him.  I don’t want to meet Nick.

Meeting an actor takes away from their character, of which I love!  For example, I want Nick to be Nick – but he isn’t & if I met him I would realize that.  Wafiq & I will forever consider that man to be: NICK. Period.   So he may too busy to talk to us, but we’re too committed to his character to meet the real him.

Austin Texas

There’s one more weekend left for us to go out (and avoid favorite actors) so we’ll see what we can get into.


We’re currently having perfect weather that hasn’t heated up too much & I’m pretty grateful to enjoy it while I can.


And as much as I would love to say I’m loving the sunshine staying out so late now that we’ve had daylight savings time, it’s really kicking my ass in the mornings.  I don’t remember this being a problem before?!  I was used to getting out of bed easily for Yoga every morning but all of a sudden I feel like I’m still in REM sleep when my alarm goes off…

Austin Texas

PS.  I’m probably the first person in history to admit this, but I’m a complete fuck up when it comes to my essential oil diffuser.  It smells like something is on fire?! And I’m 90% sure something is, so I stopped using it. That lasted a whole 7 days.  Am I missing something?!


Ok, off to read Sandcastle Kings – a book about Jesus.  We’ll see.


As always, be thoughtful…



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