Funny & Light Podcasts for Ladies

Did You Know?  The same number of Americans listen to podcasts that use Twitter.  The podcast audience is 57 million Americans in total. And while Twitter has more members than that, research shows their active user base is on-par with the overall podcast audience. ( v i a )


The people around me have likely been annoyed with my presence lately because I’m on a huge podcast kick.  I can’t stop trying to bring the light conversation style of the podcast’s into my day to day interactions – definitely confusing people.

The deal is, podcasts don’t have filters.  People sit behind a microphone and talk, about anything, and use whatever language they choose.  I’ve found this avenue of media to be extremely refreshing.

Favorite Podcasts

I had a lot of resistance towards podcasts because I’m barely a fan of TV & talking in general, if I have spare time I’ll read a book of my choosing or listen to music, or shop online – Podcasts sounded like another avenue of annoying voices.


I first forced myself into listening to a podcast when I was in the middle of a long, boring day at work and my anxiety started kicking.  I was looking for something to distract my mind & I opened the podcast app on my phone.  I landed on a random, gossipy, sans substance podcast… exactly what I needed.  Stress free people talking about Brad Pit, the real housewives and sex noises. SOLD.


Since then I’ve been glued to Podcasts.


I’m very picky.  I don’t like anything too serious.  I want something to take me out of my own head.  Anyone else have that feeling?  Overthinking the world problems & constantly diagnosing myself with terminal illnesses is an easy task, it’s removing myself from them that’s tricky.  I would love listening to funny, light conversations that mean nothing more than a good laugh.



Funny & Light Podcast’s: 

Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald

This is strictly for women, and probably older women, whom have homes & families. I don’t know why/how I listen to it because it’s very out of my element but for some reason I’m hooked.  GOSSIP GOSSIP GOSSIP. Think – Real Housewives, The Bachelor, E News!, Scientology, and whatever other hot topics are in the media.  The host, Heather, used to be on Chelsea Lately and I always found her to be pretty funny so I landed here.   She’s desperate & I love it.  Spread the word!

Anna Faris Is Unqualified

YES!  This podcast is like a dream I never imagined possible.  Anna has celebrity guests on her show that she interviews & then takes calls with listener’s life questions.  She has A LOT of fun with the celebrities & doesn’t take anything too seriously.   Tons of improve & acting that I’m obsessed with!  I’ve recently started asking anyone/everyone if they want to improve with me.  I’m desperate.  So desperate, I bought this improve game and force Wafiq to play it with me on Friday nights. Current obsession. I can’t say enough with this Podcast.  Wonderful for both men & women.


By now, I think everyone has listened to this murder mystery podcast, but if you haven’t I wanted to throw it in here.  Great for long car rides.

The Chick Show

This one again, doesn’t exactly fit my demographic but I’m addicted.  These women are older than me but there’s something about listening to women older than me gossip that’s humbling.  Ha! These two ladies are hustling hard & I’m loving it.



I’m a die hard for fun, easy to listen to, not very serious podcasts.  Very drained from the hustling – do this, do that, know this, know that style media.

Podcasts are brand spanking new to me and I’m almost caught up on Anna Faris is Unqualified so send me your favorites!! Needing new material ASAP.


I’m off to rub oil on my eye lids, thank you allergies. Then prep for the weekend of SXSW adventures, let’s see if this year I can actually figure out what the F SXSW is…. Hmmmmm


Have a great weekend & be thoughtful




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