10 Products From Amazon, A Beginners Guide

Did you know?  Prime members are driving sales for Amazon. According to a recent survey, 53% of all Amazon purchases came from Prime members (an all-time high). ( v i a )

What the F do I buy on Amazon?  That’s what I first asked my friend who mentioned she stopped going into stores because she literally orders anything she needs off Amazon.


Mmmmmkay but where do I start?  Since then, we discussed the only real problem with Amazon is knowing where to start. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t have a great browsing site which makes it tricky to find products unless you know exactly what you’re looking for.  This is why sharing is so important.

Because I’ve become loyal to Amazon & do believe it’s going to take over the world, I want to help you get on board now.  I decided I’ll give you lists every so often of products I’m buying so you have a place to start.  That’s key.  Once you get the hang of it you’ll be an addict as well & won’t even know the name Target anymore.


Here we go: 10 Products I Buy On Amazon

  1. Gel Pens – If you’re a note taking freak, you need to buy these Gel pens off Amazon.  They come in huge packages & are SUPER affordable.  I’ve been using them for my color coded notes & calendar.  I also like that they have metallic colors that show up on dark paper, last Christmas I wrote on black paper so I had to go on the hunt for a metallic pen that would show up on black.  I probably paid the same for that one pen that I did for this entire pack.

  2. Cologne – This is a little tricky but I’m loyal to never going into a mall again.  The deal with perfume & cologne is to read reviews FIRST.  Some cologne appears to be knock-off’s so beware.  However, I haven’t had an issue with that.  I read the reviews first which is usually a dead giveaway.   Perfume tends to be more affordable on Amazon than buying them in the store.

  3. Books – Especially older books, you can get them for a few dollars!  I mean why not?!  (How is Barnes & Noble still in business?!)  Usually you can’t get the best deal through Prime, so make sure you order a couple weeks ahead of time because they’ll take more than a few days to arrive.

  4. Hair Serum – I’ve wanted something to put in my hair when I feel like it needs a little moister. This serum has been doing the trick, it’s not too oily & doesn’t do anything funky to my hair.  I put it on after I brush it when I get out of the shower. I rarely use hair products – not hair spray, not often enough purple shampoo, not mousse, rarely shampoo (ha!) so I wanted something that was easy to use & that I would barely notice.

  5. Wet Brush – I don’t know why the good lord baby Jesus didn’t bless me with this brush when I was a child… I have LONG, THICK, hair & that makes brushing it a pain in the ASS. Big time.  This brush slides right through my hair, I can untangle & move on so quickly I’m barely inconvenienced.  I could cry.  If you have kids with long hair that gets tangled, buy this brush! My mom & I would have been much happier when I was a child had we had this brush.

  6. Lip Balm – I love Carmex but I also love badass ingredients. The gold mine behind this chapstick I found online has been answering all my requests.  I needed a PACK of chapsticks because they need to be found everywhere, anytime.  I can’t buy a pack with 2, that’s bullshit.  This pack of 6 is affordable, luxurious, and clean.

  7. Coconut Oil  – Obviously.  And here’s why.  You need a shit ton of coconut oil on hand at all times.  I need a jar all over the house. Buying it on amazon is a little more affordable & you can buy it in bulk or smaller jars. For example, I keep one bulk size in the kitchen and 1 smaller size in the bathroom.

  8. Eye Pads –  I’ve tried several eye pads they sell in Ulta & Sephora but haven’t been happy with them.  They all slide off?  I feel like they don’t stay moist very long & they cost a million dollars.  Anyone else?  But the eye pads online are affordable & I feel like they actual help the eye situation, especially if you pull them out of the fridge – like an ice pack to the puffy.

  9. Games – I have two things to say here:  1.  If you don’t have games in your house, yes even as an adult, you need to buy some.  2.  Buy them on amazon.  If you’re looking for somewhere to start your collection I’d say Cards Against Humanity, Cranium, and Scrabble.

  10. Moisturizer – I know I’ve mentioned this moisturizer before, but last night I noticed mine ran out & I’ll be ordering more so I thought I should throw it on this list.  I break out if ANYTHING touches my chin area, even if it’s meant to help acne – it’ll break me out.  It’s very annoying because I have to avoid so many products.  Not only does this moisturizer not break out my chin area, I think it’s actually been helping.  I’m loving the price, ingredients, and product.

 Favorite Amazon Products

A Few Tips:

  1. Reviews are your friend. I always read the reviews before I buy a product, you can usually tell right away if something is going to work or not.   Look at the majority rather than one asshole that decided to write a thorough review on a $2 item.

  2. The more reviews the better.  If you’re looking at a product & one of them has 10,000+ reviews with a 4+ rating – it’s likely a solid product.

  3. Stick to Prime.  For the most part, I buy products that are Prime.  That’s because Amazon Prime is the shit.  I think it’s $99/annually & you receive free 2 day shipping on all Prime products.  Once you start ordering you won’t be able to stop & you’ll easily get that money back in savings.

  4. Once you’re a Prime member, order everything you want.  Deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, snacks, batteries, lightbulbs – if it’s a Prime product it’ll save you a trip to the store so don’t be afraid to order the items you use every single day online, rather making a trip to the store for batteries.

  5. Amazon has an app! This is a recent discovery.  You can download the Amazon app on your phone, so if you realize you need batteries you can quickly get on the app & put batteries in your cart.  You can skip the whole list making part of life!

 Favorite Amazon Products

And that’s it for now!  10 Products I’m currently buying off Amazon. What do you buy?

If you have an item you ALWAYS buy on Amazon or a secret find that I haven’t discovered, please make my day & share.  I literally get as excited as a child with rich parents would on Christmas morning when I discover a new product to purchase off Amazon. It’s bad.

PS.  Although it does appear Amazon is my number 1 sponsor, they’re not.  I’m just aware this is the future & want to help you get on board!

Off to start a new week, it’s Monday, a fresh start!  It’s also still February which floats my boat. I went to Trader Joe’s last night, they were wrapping flowers & the store was flooded with chocolates & red + pink hearts.  Can it remain Feb for the rest of 2017? I’m going to try my best to keep it in the love making zone.

See you tomorrow, but today, remember to be thoughtful 🙂


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