Never Forget Breakfast Again – Classic Oatmeal

Did You Know?  French breakfast includes tea, coffee, juice, or hot chocolate, with bread & butter, or pastries.  They prefer only sweet food, nothing with salt – no meat, no eggs.

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Classic Oatmeal

I don’t know why I haven’t brought this up earlier as I’ve been eating oatmeal every single day since I was birthed.  My dad in particular is a major connoisseur of oatmeal as a breakfast meal & I quickly followed in his footsteps.

My dad eats his oatmeal, plain jane.  I’ve always added a wee bit of brown sugar.  But now that I hate that mother fucker sugar I had to switch up my oatmeal routine.  For easily the past year, the following is how I eat my oatmeal >> Every. Single. Morning.

 Classic Oatmeal

Mix Together:

1/2 Cup Cooked Stone Ground Oats (Boil according to package directions)

1 Tablespoon Flax Seed

1 Tablespoon Raw Honey

1/4 teaspoon Cinnamon

1 Tablespoon Coconut Oil

The key to making oatmeal specifically for your taste buds is getting the proportions right.

For example, you may prefer extra honey to make the meal sweeter.  Maybe add a little water so the oatmeal isn’t as thick.  Add an extra scoop of flax seed to give a little more crunch.  It really is all up to you.

I particularly love oatmeal with these ingredients because each of them serves a purpose.  The meal is extra filling & provides energy for the day ahead.   Not to mention the whole concoction is QUICK + EASY with no room for bull shit in any form.

Classic Oatmeal

If you research the ingredients you’ll learn how beneficial each of them can be.  Not to mention they simply taste good. Here are only some of the benefits:

Stone Ground Oatmeal – Fiber rich, helpful to maintain weight by keeping you full longer ( v i a )

Flax Seed – Among many benefits, contains tumor blocking compounds call lignans ( v i a )

Raw Honey – Anti viral, contains powerful antioxidant, stabilizes blood pressure, boosts immune function, stabilizes digestive health ( v i a )

Cinnamon – Promotes energy, prevents UTI’s, improve diabetes ( v i a )

Coconut Oil – Balances hormones, improves digestion, burns fat, and balances blood sugar ( v i a )

I used to eat Oatmeal for breakfast because my dad did, and I liked it.  To discover the benefits?? Especially when adding a few ingredients, makes me feel like a natural born genius.

 Classic Oatmeal

Because stone ground oats takes a little longer to cook, I make them a night or two before so I have a breakfast that’s ready to go. I throw the oats + mix-ins in a little container, like the ones linked below, and wa-la! Breakfast!

Like pretty much any food, the less processed & broken down it is the better, so don’t eat instant oatmeal.  Instant? Bad.  Go for the stone ground, mother earth blessed, oats. YUM.

Anyone else an oatmeal lover?   Other ride or die breakfasts that I’m missing?  I’ve been so loyal to oatmeal my entire life I can’t imagine another option – besides a sweet, huge ass Cinnamon Roll from Cinnabon – for some reason that’s resonating with me.

Have an awake morning tomorrow, and be thoughtful…


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