Single or Taken, Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Did You Know?  According to an Ipsos poll conducted on behalf of Netflix, movies and television shows are the top two icebreakers for a first date. Show-compatibility is important, with 13% saying they would ask someone out based solely on mutual interest in a TV show. ( v i a )

Valentine’s Day is for everyone.  I fucking love February.  The red, pink, white, with flowers, hearts, wine & chocolate?  Hallmark Holiday? YUUUUUUUUHSsss please!


Around this time of year I start hearing Valentine’s Day haters, so I swing opposite – I’m a Valentine’s Day ride or die lover.  I know I say this every year, but having a reminder to verbally express how much you appreciate or love someone is important.  I know people don’t do it enough, because it’s impossible to do it enough! We’re stuck in routines that create tunnel vision unless we have moments that break us out. Enter >> Valentine’s Day.

Seriously, it might be my favorite holiday.  And I celebrate all month.


Valentine’s Day, when you’re Single –

Being single for Valentine’s Day might be better than being in a relationship.  It’s very unpredictable.  I spent many Valentines Day’s single & I had a fantastic time. The chance of having a date with someone you just met, celebrating with your precious doggie, appreciating a close friendship, taking time for yourself to watch Netflix << All options sound like a fucking dream.  There’s nothing like being single, you have so much freedom to make choices for yourself & Valentine’s Day is a reminder of that.  YOU can decide how you want to love YOU.  On a first date, watching movies, or hanging with a friend? Your choice.  Relationship peeps have to stare at the same face they had dinner with last night + the added pressure of making it special (HA!).    Give your friends a little Valentine’s Day love by bringing them a cake, or a new bracelet, or sparkly shoes. I love giving my girlfriends little gifts & messages.  Valentine’s Day is the time to be a little cheesey & buy some cute, shiny gifts.    Love is most definitely not only between two people in a relationship, it should be spread to everyone.


Valentine’s Day when you’re in a Relationship –

GO OUT TO DINNER.  No one does this on Valentine’s Day, have you noticed?  On Valentine’s Day!  We love to use the excuse that Valentine’s Day is just another day, “we love each other everyday” or that Valentine’s Day is stupid, or Lord knows all the reasons Valentine’s Day is a P.O.S. But we get it! You’re so in love all day every day.  (Or, you basically hate romance.)  BUT, take a break in your week, slow down, and go out to a little dinner without phones & connect with your partner. We go so fast – working, playing, skipping, stressing – we don’t allow ourselves space to slow down & create time.  Use Valentine’s Day.  Nothing fancy, because making it a huge deal is exhausting. Take your time through the food, put your phones away, and stare into each others eyes.  LOL LOL just kidding, but listen & talk.


Whether you’re in a relationship or not, use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to show loving behavior that’s out of character for you.  Weird? For example, if you don’t usually bring in snacks for your coworkers because you prefer looking tough & unemotional, bring in a fucking cake & slap it on the table with forks.  Cheers!    If you’ve never given a greeting card with a personal note inside, buy a few & hand them out!  SMILE to everyone. Be nice.  Be thoughtful.  Give your doggie an extra long walk, listen to someone longer that you normally would, call your parents.  And I challenge you (and I) to continue making these nice gestures all month long.

Don’t you think that’s better than all the other shit going on?  Lets keep loving, kissing, hugging, eating cake, dancing, listening, and being thoughtful.

WOOT WOOT!  Excited for this month.

What are you doing to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Have a great week & be thoughtful…


Valentine’s Day Gifts:

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