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Did you know? Christmas isn’t a national holiday in Japan—only one percent of the Japanese population is estimated to be Christian—yet a bucket of “Christmas Chicken” (the next best thing to turkey—a meat you can’t find anywhere in Japan) is the go-to meal on the big day. And it’s all thanks to the insanely successful “Kurisumasu ni wa kentakkii!” (Kentucky for Christmas!) marketing campaign in 1974. ( v i a )

Twinkle Twinkle,

Happy Holidays

It really is the sweetest time of the year isn’t it?  All the lights & food & friends. I love it extra amounts because it FINALLY cools off in Texas & I can breathe properly.  There’s nothing like wearing sweaters + being warm and cozy.

I’ve been gone for a quick minute, taking a break for family over Thanksgiving.  My mom came a few weeks early and I came up with this genius idea to paint the entire bedroom set from dark brown to white.  I had no idea how much of a time investment it was going to be!  {I’m immediately remembering why I’m not a DIY person.  Fuuuuck that.}  My mom did pretty much the entire bedroom set all by herself w limited space while I was at work, I feel bad.  But it looks A M A Z I N G!   I had no idea how much the energy of a room can change w the right colors.  The perfect ambience to relax + enjoy.  I went from keeping the bedroom door shut to wanting everyone to go cuddle on the bed & dream of fluffy white puppies.  I’m in the processing of finding lamps, art, organizers, and blankets to match, but as soon as I finish I plan on taking pics  Again, it was a lot of work but the room is LIFE CHANGING.  My mom is a hero (for more reasons than my bedroom set).

christmas crack recipe
This easy Christmas Crack recipe will be up on Instagram SOON!

I went balls out decorating for Christmas already this year.  I’m on a mission to be all ready for Christmas (deco, gifts, outfits) as soon as possible so I can enjoy the season.  Every year gift purchasing gets pushed to the weeks before Christmas – the stores are too busy, you can’t find what you want, and you’re tired, frantic, and broke.  My goal is to be done w everything then sit back and enjoy the weeks ahead. Baking, eating, drinking, movies – stress free!  And I think I’m almost there.

The most BOMB ($2!!) wrapping paper from Home Goods

It’s important for all of us to remember that gift giving isn’t really thaaaat big of a deal.  I’m far away from believing in buying large amounts of crap w tons of money for unnecessary reasons.  If you receive a gift, don’t be picky about it, appreciate it.  Whatever it is, small or  large.  Strange or sentimental.  Useful or useless.  Be appreciative.  If it doesn’t work for you, you’ll find someone or some place that it does work. Someone who needs it.  I kind of can’t stand adults with Christmas lists.  Be grateful for anything and everything you receive, even if it’s as simple as a “Merry Christmas” greeting!

And if you’re giving gifts, relieve the pressure you have on yourself. Don’t worry about spending a lot of money if you don’t have it, or finding the perfect size, style or color.  Do what you can, be thoughtful, and that’s enough.  And if you forget someone, also who cares.  Give them a hug and do your best to show your appreciation.  Take them to lunch in January when they have the post-holiday blues, send them a card for Valentine’s Day – show your appreciation for the friendship whenever & however you can.

Wonderful warm people, sharing food, interesting conversations, sleeping in, huge smiles, lots of hugging, red fingernails and the sound of some blaring laughter are truly the best gifts of the season.

Enjoy December & be thoughtful!



Holiday Gift Ideas:

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