Petite Ponderings: Halloween, Moving, & Music

I’m skipping Halloween costumes this year.  Typically, I’m all for a themed party or event & usually love Halloween – but this year I’m tired!


It’s been one heck of a month {one thing after another} so Halloween came creeping in & the very last thing I can consider is participating in a costume.  Does anyone have a good costume prepped?? Love a good costume situation.

If you’re looking for something last minute and want to kill it – do THIS.  Worked wonders for me, I had everything at home to recreate the look AND it was shockingly easy.

As for me, I’ve already planned my weekend – pumpkin carving, fall baking, and maybe some bunny ears to sneak in Halloween spirit while I carve my jack-o-lantern… Possibly watch a scary movie too?

Do it yourself easy halloween
Do it yourself HERE

Last weekend I luckily discovered my favvvvorite band NEEDTOBREATHE had a performance in Austin at the Long Center, which I love because the backdrop is Austin’s beautiful skyline.  The weather was amazing.  The whole event was a real winner, I’m grateful I didn’t miss it!  You guys need to download their albums if you haven’t already, incredibly feel good music.  Their lyrics slay & go a step deeper than “work work work work work work work work work” (I love Rihanna, but you get it).

I love ALL music, but I think this band might be my favorite.  It’s the most consistently fantastic group, I’m obsessed & am fully aware I toot their horn – A. LOT.


I also went to a friend’s going away party last weekend.  We’ve both been to a few of each other going away parties, I think we alternate our moving timeline.  I had a conversation with her, and recently a conversation with my brother, about moving away.  All of us have moved our homes at least once and we were talking about how painless it truly is.

You pack up and you leave, and if you hate it, you pack up and you come back.

Your first move tends to be scary because it feels so permanent. People tend to make you feel that way too.  But in reality it doesn’t need to be.  It’s pretty easy, especially if you’re not moving across the world, that’s somewhat of a different decision.  Anyway, I bring this up because I want anyone making a big decision or thinking about a big decision to realistically think about it.  If it’s the right decision you’ll know and you’ll see it clearly with surprisingly little concern or doubt. I’m piggy backing off my last post, so reference my steps for making a brave decision for a deeper look.

Fingers crossed November goes smoother than this gloomy October of mine. The best way to guarantee that, shopping!  I’ll share my good finds soon 😉

Have a great, safe, weekend & be thoughtful!



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