Petite Ponderings: “Bobby, Don’t Be Mean”

October, October bring on October.  A lot going on!

Kim Kardashian held at gun point in Paris?  I hate hearing things like that because I start thinking – if she can get in that situation, so can anyone!  She has body guards, I have a freaking doggie that’s afraid of people.  I guess when it’s your time, it’s your time.


Recently, a lot going on around me.  I feel like I need to stand completely still.  Hold on to sweet Bernie & Wafiq for dear life… & not move.

Does that ever happen to you?  So much movement & activity, the only thing you can do is try to be still.  (I imagine that’s a little how the apocalypse will feel.)

You’re a little invested in each person’s difficulties & you take it on yourself, but also try not to because it’s important for you to keep it together for them.  One day at a time is the best way to go.

Through all this, one thing I can’t stand is mean people.  It sounds like something your 2nd grade teacher would say, but I notice myself finding that’s the best word I can find to describe people:  “Don’t be mean little Bobby.”   I find myself wanting to do less & less with other people because I don’t want to be around anyone that’s mean – to me or to anyone else.  And shockingly that’s hard to find.   When I do find nice people I appreciate them so much.

I think people are mean either because they’re selfish & are upset that any given situation isn’t going their way, so they lash out & act mean as a way to return their feelings.

The other reason I think people are mean is to defend themselves.  Either their confidence, their lifestyle, their choices, their words, their actions, their moods…

Both reasons suck.

I keep telling myself to be as nice as possible to as many people as I can & hopefully that will rub off on them. Even when I’m around a group of mean people for example, I notice myself mumbling mean things under my breathe & I have to immediately remind myself to stop.

Staying away from mean people is the best way to handle it, because adding only makes things worse.

I will say, defending yourself is acceptable & different than being mean.  My suggestion when defending yourself is to use facts & as little emotion as possible, otherwise mean things might projectile out.

Facts keep things unarguable.

Defending yourself is just as important as being kind, but being mean is a whole other ball game that I have no interest in getting tickets to.

One a lighter note – What’s going on in our house?  I’ve been working to streamline my blog, try to focus it a little more.  My goal is to have all the brand aspects, website accessibility, links, posts, social media, ect more functional by the end of the year.  I feel like I worked this year to experiment a little (thank you to anyone still straggling along with me) to see what was comfortable, what worked, what didn’t… And next year I want a little better focus.  So between now and January that’s what I’m working towards.

Wafiq, Bernice and our house is as happy of a home as it can be.  We’re so happy to have it!  I can’t express how much I live for little ways of decorating, visiting Home Goods, buying a new cooking tool, organizing and purging my own closet – it’s a dream.

How’s everyone else doing?  I’m excited because this is the first year I’m exercising my right to vote! WOOT WOOT!  Felling more American than ever.

Have a relaxed day, be kind, and extra thoughtful.


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