Fall Beauty Wish List

I love the seasons because it’s a CHANGE  – if it was summer all the time then I’d be wearing & doing the same thing every single day. Boring.  So happy fall!  What would we do without you?

I did my research (via the 1,000 page Vogue magazine, Hi Kendall Jenner) and I have a few Fall wish list items for my beauty list:


  1. Black Lips: I’m scared but excited about black lipstick.  It has to be on my wish list because.. It’s a wish.  I’m going to tryyyy wearing it & make a F*** It Friday post about how it went.  I’ve noticed in a TON of designer ad’s their going for a very goth look.  Can this be done in real life? We’ll find out soon enough!

  2. Body Jewels: It’s been the gold body tattoos & now I have feeling body jewels are coming in sparkly!  I’m all about trying something new, borderline ridiculous & shiny so of course body jewels are making my wish list.   We have a huge music festival hitting Austin soon, what perfect timing to try out a new look.

  3. Glitter:  I will never say no, except during the summer.  Wearing glitter in the summer is a complete disaster because it runs all over the place.  Sweat + glitter = Hot mess.  But I’m noticing it’s very acceptable this fall.  I’ve had my eye on this Urban Decay glitter eye liner since last holiday season – now’s the time!

  4. Mustard Eye Shadows: Mustard is my favorite color. At least right now it is.  I want mustard clothing, mustard jewelry, mustard shoes, and now mustard eyes.  Something about the pukey brow palette is working right now.  I’ve heard plenty of reviews about these eye shadow palettes & this particular one is on my fall wish list. Yum.

What’s on your Fall wish lists??

Thankfully, I’ll be going to Minnesota this weekend where I’ll get a taste of fall temperatures.  Much needed!

Have a fantasssstic day & be thoughtful 🙂


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