10 Perfect Housewarming Gifts

I spent a lot of time on this list!  I’m going to a housewarming brunch this weekend & have been thinking about helpful gifts to bring.  It’s a bit tricky.  I had to take it back to when I last moved & what would’ve been a helpful gift rather than a burden.

When someone’s moving there’s a lot of unpacking going on.  That’s why – I’m anti-gift basket for a housewarming gift.  Now you want me to unpack a damn basket?!  No. I get the idea, super thoughtful, but just no.  I finally organized everything, I don’t want to start organizing more shit.  Feel me?

The best gifts would be something that won’t clash with someone’s own design ideas for their new home, won’t make them start unpacking or putting away, something easy breezy but enough to help their new house feel like a home.

I should mention, with this list & pretty much any “gift” list going forward, I’m definitely going to incorporate gifts that give back in some way.  I’m a HUGE believer in giving a gift that gives in more way than one… I have a super hard time understanding gifts in any other way – specifically Christmas gifts, but I’ll get into that when we get closer to Christmas.

Perfect Housewarming Gifts

The Best Housewarming Gifts Ideas:

  1. Game:  I think this is a great gift for someone that recently moved into their new house.  Guests will be coming over to check out the new crib & it’s nice to have entertainment on hand.  A new game does the trick!  My two favorite options are Cards Against Humanity or the new popular game, Catan.

  2. A Large Ass Candle:  The very first thing I bought after moving into my new place was a candle.  Scents are important when you first move because you’re trying to make your house, smell like a home.   A HUGE candle that can burn for hours every day is a perfect gift that won’t get in the way, but be a special way to help the new house feel like their own.

  3. Diffuser: Going with the above, you can really do no wrong with bringing over scents.  If a candle is too predictable bring over a pretty diffuser.  No one can have enough pretty smells happening!

  4. Dream Catcher:  This might apply more to someone that has children and recently moved, but a dream catcher can be a perfect housewarming gift.  A dream catcher is supposed to catch all your bad dreams at night, so you keep it in your bedroom.  For kids having trouble in a new bedroom at a new house, what a great way to help them feel comfortable.  Adults qualify too.

  5. Pretty Vase:  Flowers are pretty standard for housewarming, and they should be.  Flowers make any place feel relaxing & comfortable w/a little jazz. BUT if you go this route make sure to include a pretty vase.  Likely, whoever has moved doesn’t have their vases unpacked yet, or they don’t know where they are.. Make it easy by bringing over flowers in a pretty vase they can keep for their next flower run.  You can never have enough flowers around the house, so this is a safe bet gift.

  6. Flatware Set I thought of this when thinking about what was important when I last moved.  I didn’t have anything, literally.  I had my suitcase of clothes & a borrowed mattress to lay on at night… (Living abroad for a year and a half does that to your material items.)  But I also didn’t want a lot from people.  That was part of the fun in moving, buying what you love for your new place.  However, a nice flatware set to manage the first few weeks/months while people visit or you’re still getting your shit together would’ve been perfect!  Get a pretty caddy, like this one: HERE and stock it with some affordable flatware like these: HERE.  I would have loved this!

  7. Succulents:  A baby plant like a succulent is perfect because it’s small enough to put anywhere and grows slowly. I remember going over to a friend’s house once and they had a pretty succulent on their kitchen window & she said they had it since they moved in – I thought that was a pretty neat memory.

  8. Coffee: Because who doesn’t need coffee!?  Like I said, I’m a MAJOR believer in giving gifts that give back, that’s the only way it makes sense to me & this coffee does just that.

  9. Wine:  Hellooo?!  Yes. Please.  (How did this wait until number 9?!) Wine is never a bad idea.  Not only does this wine look like a hard won trophy, a bottle I would never want to open, but the company has an awesome mission too.  They’re all about giving back & each bottle goes to funding a different social issue.

  10. Hand Soap & Lotion:  Let’s be real, this is overlooked when you’re moving because it’s kind of on the bottom of that long list.  Either that or you have that cheap, okay smelling bottle from Target on your one of many runs to get a long list of missed items.  A pretty, nice smelling lotion and soap is a great way to make a home feel more like you’ve completely moved in.  Again, these lotions give back too!

That’s it! My top ten housewarming gifts!  I would bring something from this list over to a friend’s house for a dinner or invite, I think anything from the above adds that extra thoughtful part of the gift.  Let me know any other creative ideas you have for housewarming, I’m super interested after doing all my research…

Have a great weekend and remember to be thoughtful!!


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