F*** It Friday – I’m NOT Down With Turmeric Milk

I love trying pretty much everything I read about.  I obsess over other bloggers & their ideas + creativity.  New food, new makeup, new skin product, new style, new idea, new adventure – I’ll try it.

Wafiq laughs at me. After my garlic discoveries I went wild on the internet, fell in love with a ton of bloggers, and experimented like crazy.

Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble but majority of the these new ideas I try for a month… & stop.  They don’t have the same amazing results I read about.  I barely admit that to myself & never admit it to Wafiq or my friends. EVERYTHING I DO WORKS!  Yeah right, this was my first realization I was in lala land.


One time I tried: Turmeric Milk.  Remember that trend rotating through blogs?

The health benefits of turmeric, having a night time “treat” that was healthy, the beautiful pictures, and the unique recipe had me going.

I bought all the ingredients & was ready to see results.

Wafiq watched me that evening as I was opening the coconut milk and measuring out turmeric.  If you don’t know, turmeric is an ingredient they often use in Indian Food dishes, specifically Curry.  It’s what gives curry the orange/yellow color.

Both Wafiq and I are major curry lovers.  Another reason I expected this recipe to be a major win.

After measuring all the ingredients, pouring the end product into a large coffee cup, it was the first time Wafiq told me he didn’t think this was such a great idea.

I took my first sip.

It wasn’t good.

But I didn’t care because drinking garlic juice wasn’t good either but it nearly saved my life.

So I chugged the whole glass of turmeric milk. (throw up in my mouth, throw up in my mouth, throw up in my mouth)

Wafiq was watching & kind of laughed.

I kind of laughed.

And that was it.  I went to sit down and continue watching TV.  About 3 minutes later I felt S I C K ! Very very very nauseous.  I didn’t want to tell Wafiq. I never tell anyone when one of these ideas fails me.  And this one was failing me hard!

He could see me starting to sweat a little.  Literally.

We couldn’t conversate as I felt like any moment I was going to vomit, yet he kept pushing conversations? He knew.  I finally had to tell him I didn’t feel well.   His smirk was money.

I had to slowly move myself to the bed.  This was baaaaaaaaad.  I have a pretty strong stomach but I really felt my insides were about to projectile bright turmeric yellow all over the bedroom.  The entire night I had to concentrate hard on not vomiting.  Props to Wafiq because he didn’t rub it in my face, I think he felt bad.  Until the next morning when I was alive again, then he had a good laugh at me.  I had to laugh too.  Not everything is going to work for me or be as good as I read it to be, and I definitely needed a reality check – this was it.

I still can’t think about curry.  I still can’t think about coconut milk.  Or turmeric.

When I read about turmeric now I want to cry.  I can never have it again!!

F*** It. This wasn’t a win for me.  Just wasn’t.  Some ideas aren’t meant for everyone.  And that’s ok to admit.


Have you ever been there? Wanted to like something so badly but you just don’t?  OMG another one for me – Oysters.  WAH! I’ll try them again soon & hopefully have an enjoyable experience.

You know what I mean?  I feel like we all have that one thing that got us, one way or another.

F*** It.  I’ll be over here sipping wine as my evening “treat” going forward.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone, stay away from turmeric milk (kidding), and be thoughtful!



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