Relax & Enjoy – A Classic Margarita

My drink of choice: A classic Margarita.


Cold, delicious, simple & a refreshing treat to the weekend.

Since making my own classic margarita’s at home I can’t stand ordering one that’s made incorrectly.  I’m assuming it’s either cheap tequila, added sugar, fakey fake premade mix, or an extra cheap ass ingredient thrown in as filler.  Who knows!

I always ask for my Margarita with no added sugar and that usually forces the bartender to mix a fresh drink, w/fresh ingredients.  And surprisingly, the bartenders never seem bothered – more appreciative that they get to use their mixology skills to create a delicious, fresh margarita.  Love it!

 Classic Margarita

3 Oz Tequila

2 Oz Triple Sec

1 Oz Lime Juice

Splash of Orange Juice

 Directions: Mix in a cocktail shaker w/ice & pour over ice.  (*I go light on the tequila & heavy on the lime + orange juice)

For Wafiq’s Birthday, we mixed a large batch and put it in a water bottle for people to pour over ice.  It was a big hit!  We were at the pool so something cold & refreshing w/out a ton of added sugar was the perfect touch.

And this tequila is my favorite. One of my most memorable nights is drinking it w/cheese & crackers at the house we stayed in while living in Los Angeles.  The owners bought it & invited us in – great conversations and memories tied to this bottle.  Perfect little buzz w/out a hangover too.  You get it.

Mix it up & pour yourself a glass! Unwind, relax, & enjoy.



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