F*** It Friday – I Have A Hole In My Pants

This story is what made me decide to start a F*** It Friday series.


I was (/still am) starting to find my way in the blogging world by learning what brand + image I want to use & how to grow it more into a business. Right away I jumped to thinking I have to “look” the part.  Meaning – expensive clothes, hair & make up at all times.  Photo ready.  Obviously I was being dramatic, and super irrational. I’m actually embarrassed.

I had workout pants that were a pretty decent brand, expensive, and I felt cool wearing them.  Total athleisure happening.

I wore them every time I went to workout in case there was an insta moment or someone wanted to ask about my blog (?!?!).  I was feeling cool.

One day I came home & was changing out of them.  I noticed a VERY small hole right in the ass part.  Utter disappointment  <– That lasted 5 seconds.  I then determined I could totally get away w/continuing to wear them.  No one is going to look at the hole & if they do, I don’t really even care.  They see a little ass cheek? Big deal. F*** It.

This went on for squats, lunges, bear crawls, downward dogs, and a week or two of workouts.

I have to admit, every squat I thought there was potential for my pants to rip completely open.  Even then, I thought it wasn’t that big of a deal.

Finally, while performing walking side squats, Wafiq had to say: “BAE! You have a hole in your pants!”

Confidently I responded “Yep! I know! I decided… I think it’s ok.”

We both laughed it off & for whatever reason I felt confident in that moment, blew my whole “look cool” phase right out the window and that felt fantastic.  I have a hole in my workout pants! I didn’t want to spend $200 on another pair at that point, and I wasn’t going to feel bad about it.

F*** It!

I have since bought new workout pants.  I decided having a hole in the ass of my pants was no longer the best decision & it was time to move on from that moment. BUT for the week or 2 that I needed those pants to make it through my workouts, I wasn’t going to feel bad about it.

Who knows, it could happen again someday.


Confidence is key!

Happy Friday everyone, I just bought a soccer ball & I’m having an interesting time realizing how out of shape I am 🙂



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