F*** It Friday – Blue Nails in A Professional Setting

2nd week of F*** Friday!

I love writing these, if anything it’s a great empowering moment for me to not shy away from what I feel and do! (AKA eating french fries from McDonald’s)

This week: BLUE NAILS!


Getting out of college and into the work force the immediate turn to take is a new wardrobe, corporate prepared. Get rid of all your old clothes and dress business ready. <– Ew just saying that almost made me throw up on myself.

I was told I had to get rid of my hot pink nail polish 🙁 🙁

For the record, I’ve always pushed the boundaries as far as molding has gone. Can’t say it’s gone well or been appropriate, but there you have it.

SO, blue nail polish has my heart this summer. Like I said in my favorites post, it’s such a change from regular white, nude, red or pink. It’s BLUE. And I don’t think it looks too childish – like a child painted my nails w/their Crayola? No.

I tried wearing the blue a few times & received several compliments…

And I thought so too, I like these nails!

I was afraid to wear them in a professional setting – more for the weekend at the dog park. Not for a meeting w/business suits.

BUT F*** IT.

I think they’re a new classy! A new professional. A new adult. And pretty. AND ME.

So I have been rocking blue nails (and a little nerves) to several professional settings the last month or two and haven’t looked back. I’m digging it and surprisingly going against the grain hasn’t gotten me any negative looks or feedback.

In this case, having the confidence to say F*** It and try something new worked for me. I’m happily into my blue nails & believe others are accepting of them too.

PS. I noticed the bachelorette a couple weeks ago had blue nails too, so I’m not the only one! And she looked classy, crisp, clean, and adult.

Love it!

I think for any fashion piece, nail color, hair style, or makeup look it’s just about the confidence you bring w/it. That’s all that matters – confidence.

Let me know if you have a confidence building F*** It story or any F*** It story that you’d like to share: missbassmasterblog@gmail.com

Alrighty, Happy Friday everyone!!

I’m off to have a doggie birthday party for Bernice Saturday evening… Is that weird? I know it is, but F*** It <– Closest thing I have to a human child at this point.

Any reason to get out and be happy, I’ll take it!

Talk later –


+ My all-time favorite blue: Sinful Colors Endless Blue

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