My Best Friend – Garlic

My favorite topic of all time = GARLIC!


My most viewed post, hands down, is about the time I had shingles & used garlic as medicine.

I recently went back to read the post and eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Painful! But also badass. I’m proud of myself.

For anyone who hasn’t read the post, about 2 years ago I diagnosed myself with shingles while I was living in Dubai. I think it was due to stress? I’m not exactly sure why or how I got them but I know I was pretty stressed at the time, which I read can weaken your immune system.

I didn’t have insurance so I had to do a little investigating of my own to find a solution because GOOD LORD THAT WAS THE WORST PAIN EVER!!! EVER.

I scrolled all day through Pinterest & Google, tried a couple different medicines from the pharmacy, and finally landed on an article that mentioned: Garlic. It’s those articles at the bottom of the search pages that always catch my eye when I’m looking for home remedies. They’re not paid for, they’re not trendy, and they’re the most likely to be tried & true.

I put 1 huge BULB of garlic in juice 2x a day. Maybe 3x the first day. And drank it. Yes, I was super nauseous. Yes, it was disgusting. BUT I kid you not, my shingles dried up SIGNIFICANTLY the next day. No more fresh blisters, no more zinging nerve pain.

I think I cried.

And, (knock on wood) I haven’t had shingles since then.

Here’s the deal with garlic ( v i a / v i a ):

  • 3 cloves of garlic have the same antibacterial activity as a standard dose of penicillin

  • Anti-Viral + Anti -Bacterial + Anti-fungal = Need I say more?

  • Boosts immune system, manages blood pressure, heart health, cancer prevention, aids in digestion – the list goes on.

  • Eating garlic regularly is not only good for us; it has been linked to reversing the 4 major causes of death worldwide including heart disease, stroke, cancer and infections


Guys. I’m in love with Garlic. A passionate love. After seeing how incredible garlic was for my shingles, I’ve been eating it every day since and obsess over it.

I add it to EVERY SINGLE MEAL: Salad, pasta, chicken, fish, tacos, stir fry, eggs, salsa, curry, literally every meal – I add garlic. And a lot of it. Several CLOVES.

Quick story… everyone thought I was coo-coo with my garlic obsession.  Luckily, Wafiq needed emergency surgery in New York. Ok, not luckily, BUT I saw an opportunity. I was going to see if garlic would heal his wounds quickly. Honestly, to prove to myself that garlic was actually a miracle medicine.

When we got to Austin I had Wafiq eat almost 2 BULBS of FRESH, chopped garlic. (He put it on rice with Chicken.) Before we went to bed he jokingly said (as one of his wounds was protruding and bruised, almost bleeding): “Imagine I wake up in the morning and my cuts are healed”. This is after 3 days of dealing w/nasty incision marks.

Well well well Mr. Wakiki look what happened in the morning.

I’m not lying, those damn cuts were sealed up & looking healthy as ever! Right away we both regretted not taking a before and after pictures.


I can’t praise garlic enough. I talk about it all the time to my friends, I keep pictures of big ass garlic cloves that I find on my phone, and I like to leave bulbs on the kitchen counter so I can stare at them. Garlic is the reason I believe food is more powerful than we know & makes me want to raid the internet all day for other secrets.

I am NOT a doctor, or even close to it. You should definitely go to the doctor if you have an injury, or rash, especially one that appears to be shingles!

But if I can eat a ton of something & see such amazing benefits than it’s worth sharing.

If you haven’t met garlic yet, please set a date. Get to know each other & be ready to fall in love like I have.


Who has other good secrets?



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