How Coconut Oil Saved Me From Hormonal Acne

My life w/coconut oil.


I know there’s lists of 101 ways to use coconut oil, and I doubt very few of them, but there’s ONE thing I use coconut oil for that makes me a believer – face moisturizer for chin acne!

I’ll be the first to say I have major jealousy issues w/girls who have smooth, oily, acne & wrinkle free skin. I doubt I came out the womb w/that type of skin.

One major problem for me has always been acne. In high school = baaaaaaaaaaaad.  I managed to get rid of the acne for awhile in college, while I was taking birth control pills.

Then, I quit taking birth control pills & noticed (how could I miss them) nasty zits on my chin area… & they would NOT go away.

I wasn’t getting acne anywhere else. Just my chin.

I went to the dermatologist and she gave me some crap that was more placebo than anything – didn’t do shit.

I did my own research and tried face masks, methods, ideas, and strategies. BUT NOPE, NASTY LITTLE ZITS KEPT POPPING UP! UGH!


I finally came to the conclusion that the zits would forever be at home on my chin. Hormonal acne that would never go away. AT LEAST it wasn’t ­­my whole face.


The time I started experimenting with coconut oil.

I was trying to see how awesome coconut oil was after arriving back in the states and hearing all the rave reviews. I started using coconut oil as shaving cream, tried oil pulling & hair masks. All impressive.

THEN I tried coconut oil as a body moisturizer…. And, to be honest, liked the little shine it gave my freshly spray tanned legs. So there’s that.

And one day thought: my face is as dry as the planet mars, lets throw some coconut oil on it.

I slathered it straight from the jar onto my face before bed & felt amazing. When I woke up my face was super moisturized and that’s what mattered to me. I started doing this every night… for months.

And my chin acne started going away.


I didn’t even realllllllllllly believe it was from the coconut oil (I thought my hormones just took a turn for the better), UNTIL my trip from hell in New York.

I forgot coconut oil & brought regular face moisturizer.

WOW. My chin had a hay day.

I got back to Austin and my chin was back to it’s worst! FULL ACNE!

I immediately washed my face and SLATHERED coconut oil all over it. The next day my chin felt significantly better & every day after that my chin got better and better.

It was then that I realized coconut oil was fixing my acne.


I also noticed when I would use certain face masks it would make me break out, so now I keep the masks away from my chin – coconut oil only!

I’ve been doing this for about 7 months & STILL get nervous when I slather oil on my face – thinking I’ll definitely break out in the morning. (Adding oil to acne?!)   But every morning I wake up with a happy chin.


This is what I learned after researching it a bit:

Coconut Oil is anti-inflammatory + anti-bacterial and contains Vitamins E, K and A. ( v i a / v i a )

Which is why I notice any acne I do have reduces in size & swelling so quickly + keeps acne away. Poof!

SO if anyone is struggling w/acne, especially chin or hormonal acne & has dry skin – give coconut oil a try! It sounds crazy & will feel weird but who would’ve thought something so simple could help me so much!?!

I use it all over my face every single night (I even travel w/little packets like this now so I never go a day without) & sometimes use it in the morning if I’m not wearing makeup or don’t mind a shiny face.

I’ve also read some people mix in tree oil? Haven’t tried that yet, but definitely will.


YAY! I’m excited to share this, hoping it’ll help someone.  Having your face look different than you feel is frustrating.

Let me know if you give it a try (or have any other ideas)!

I’m off to explore San Antonio, took a little getaway South this week & the only thing missing is my Bernice – I’ll post San Antonio pictures soon, for now catch them on Instagram.

Have a positive rest of the week!




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