F*** It Friday – I’m in Love with French Fries

F*** It.  I love French Fries.

 shamless love of French-Fries

Here’s the thing.  I have an evil relationship with french fries.

And for my first F*** It Friday post, I’m dedicating it to the potato.

For my ENTIRE life I’ve been a potato fan.  Maybe it’s the Midwest in me?  Norwegian heritage?!  I don’t know, but something has me hooked… since birth.

Potatoes in any form: Baked & fully loaded.  Potato Chips.  French Fries. Mashed. Red, yellow, white potatoes.  I love them all & absolutely do not discriminate.

As I’ve gotten older I started realizing I can’t eat potatoes like they’re an afternoon snack food.

So. I started hating potatoes.  You evil assholes making me fat! How dare you?! I loved you so much.

Specifically, french fries.  They’re the most accessible in the potato department because they come with almost every single meal.. a n n o y i n g.

I stopped ordering them at restaurants.  Good Kathryn, gooooooooooood.

And every. single. time.  I snatch one (or 10) off of Wafiq’s plate.  I can’t resist.

All the healthies order their cute salads & delicious fresh water.. And I want to be on that train so badly!   And I love salad, I love water, I love gluten free, all organic, natural, meatless meals… But I can’t say no!  French fries! French fries! French fries! They’re fried, probably manufactured potatoes and I can’t stay the F away from them.

So, F*** It.

Now, I order my own side of small fries from time to time w/no shame!

My name is Katie and I love French fries.

I love them so so so much and I don’t picture myself cutting them completely out of my diet anytime in the future.

One time, admittedly after 1 or 4 cocktails, my friends and I went to Wendy’s.  (<— Yeah, real smart 2am decision) and I ordered the french fries.  This was right after Wendy’s rolled out with their “new” sea salt style fries.

I ate a few casually and realized there was extra happiness happening in my mouth. Like fireworks of the largest magnitude.  Heaven, clouds & bright sunny days.

I picked up a fry.  Stared at it long and hard in complete awe.  How can something be so magical?

I told all my friends – look at the fry:  How?  How can it taste like sunsets & sunrises?

Thank the heavens I have friends that appreciate a good french fry like I do becauuuse… yes! they say —> YES! THESE FRYS ARE THE BEST FRYS IN THE WORLD! How??

{By the way, if you’ve ever tried Wendy’s sea salt fries, you’ll understand I wasn’t taking acid, they were actual magic.}

So there you have it!  I’ll eat my salads, organic carrots & homemade hummus, kombucha juice & organic, free range eggs.

BUT I’ll take a side of small fries.

F*** It.

Love you guys! Happy Friday!



++If anyone has a F*** It Friday post send it my way: missbassmasterblog@gmail.com – Let’s worry less together!


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