Choosing My Mood: HAPPY

I’ve been in a fantastic mood all week!  Don’t you love when that happens?  And I’m extra excited to write when I’m in a great mood – spread that energy around.

 Choosing Happy

Last week was a damper.  The whole last month had me feeling emotional.  Too much happening in America that weighs heavy on you after hearing & seeing so much of it.  Once something bad happens it kind of spirals. You know?  (Anyone watch The Secret?)

I stayed away from writing because BLAH.

 Choosing Happy

The good news – this week I’ve been feeling stell!  Such a mental decision to be happy.

When I wasn’t feeling that chipper I couldn’t figure out why everything felt soo off.  My mood wasn’t extraordinary & everything else seemed to be dragging too.

I told myself I was going to ignore the news & social media & hot conversations.  I wanted to be happy.

I had to make an effort, but thought it was worth a try.  And it worked!  Every time I do this it reminds me how welcoming other people are to such happiness & kindness.  Or I should say, how quickly you attract the same kindness you project.  People need it too.

And people that aren’t kind shouldn’t bring us down with them.  A negative person shouldn’t change a positive person.  Even though negativity is incredibly toxic, it’s worth the effort to avoid.

 Choosing Happy

If you couldn’t tell –> Kindness is basically my favorite thing on planet earth & beyond.

So, last weekend Wafiq & I spent some time at the pool + cooking some new {delicious} recipes. I went to the grocery store & as a result – I vowed not to go outside for the rest of the summer between the hours of 11:00pm – 4:00pm.  It’s the sun! KILLS. ME.

People in Texas (or Dubai), always tell me they could NEVER live in the cold when they find out I’m from Minnesota (the Arctic North).


Winter in Minnesota is the same as Summer in Texas or Dubai. You stay inside. What’s the difference!?  At least in the winter you can layer up the clothes and manage the outdoors.  Am I wrong here?!

I suppose it all comes down to preference.

Choosing Happy

How’s everyone else doing this summer?

I’m having fun w/some new blog post ideas this month.  I’m really starting to love blogging.  It’s kind of a trick to figure out but it’s worth it – brainstorming new ideas & constantly working the creative side of my brain.

I’m loving the process.

Wafiq is surprisingly busy considering he doesn’t have a job at the moment.

And Bernice is on board with the No Outdoors between 12:00pm – 4:00pm house rule I’ve established.

As long as I stay positive & avoid outdoors between the hours of 12:00pm – 4:00pm +++ keep the cold drinks flowing –> I’m destined to have a great rest of the summer!


Talk later!




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