My Love For Makeup

I looooooooove love love make up.

If I knew I would be saying this even 5 years ago I would have laughed at myself.

FOR. EV. ERRR I thought makeup was silly. Less-is-more. OR at least people will think that if I walk around with a pile of makeup on.

Well well well, eat your words sister.


When I was in Dubai I was very bored. In the beginning, I didn’t have friends & didn’t have money to do anything. Even walking around felt expensive.

This is where my love for makeup started.

{I’m remembering the severe dark circles that happened too. That probably contributed to my new love. Lez be honest.}

Anyways, I think I was following Emily Maynard’s (from the bachelorette) blog at the time. She recommended Maskara’s Youtube channel…

Whhhhaaaat, make up tutorials?! How completely unnecessary.

Well. When you have nothing to do. No TV. And no money. Unnecessary becomes –> necessary.

I was HOOKED. I watched all the beauty bloggers + their tips, tricks & techniques. What is this world?!

My love for makeup started there… And keeps growing.


WOW all of that, just to say THIS:

I’ve heard people refer to makeup as fake or that people should wear less rather than paint on their face.

And yes, I agree. There’s times when less makeup is more. (Like when you’re sleeping. HA!)

But these days, I have a new makeup vision. It’s not simply about covering up my face. Or trying to be someone else. It’s fun! It’s part of getting ready!

Sometimes, it’s for a confidence boost to feel sexy & strong!

Sometimes, it’s a creative outlet.

I actually love how much your face can change with different products and placement. It’s crazy! And it’s absolutely an art.


I’m on this kick where I’m down for everyone to do whatever makes them happy. Literally whatever. {With makeup/ without makeup.} As long as it isn’t harming anyone else, let’s do it.

So. Some days I have a full face, Grammy Award’s here I come – glitter cat eye w/a sharp wing.

And other days I have stark white eyelashes & eyebrows w/a patchy spray tan walking through Target like I rolled out of the Norwegian tundra. Full circle.


Going forward, I hope I can put some of the (many, many hours of YouTube) beauty knowledge in a couple posts for you to try out!


Makeup was one of my greatest discoveries & maybe it can be for you too!


Fun, confident, different – I have you covered!

Happy Monday!




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