F*** It Friday – Intro

I’ve been dieeeeeeeeeeeeeee ing to start a Friday series post called F*** It Friday.

 Friday Carefree be you post series

Sometimes in the blogging world I feel a little overwhelmed with the pressure of perfection.  Any readers get that way?

Eat plants, make your own deodorant, buy a Chanel purse & 10 different off the shoulder tops, drink turmeric, be skinny, but have curves, wear $280 yoga pants, DO yoga, and travel to Paris this weekend, swim with fucking dolphins, don’t go to sea world, donate money, walk around, read 4 educational books this week, fuck Starbucks…

Yes, that’s me too.  In a way, that’s a bloggers job.  But I wanted to incorporate posts to show that real life is not all flowers and yoga pants.

My necklace says in Arabic “No regret, no surrender”.  It’s probably the most important thing I own.

In a way it means – Fuck It.

Who cares? What do you have to lose? Just do it.

Wafiq and I would always say ‘No Regret No Surrender’ before any of our challenges in Dubai.

Anything we were nervous about we told each other: No Regret No Surrender. Go full in, balls out, & be confident. Because why not? Yella. 

And having that mentality got us through what would normally be uncomfortable situations: Networking, interviews, conversations, jobs, new friends, making decisions…

(Uggghhhhhhhhhh the stories)

I thought having a weekly F*** It Friday post would be humbling.  Away from perfect.  Because no one is perfect.  And actually, that’s my favorite part about being human.

I’m absorbing as much as I can, as fast as I can… And I’m sharing it with you.   Through this blog.  But it’s absolutely not because I know everything or have everything, or have been everywhere.

I’m only sharing what I absorb through situations I’m in, and want to share them to bring people with me & have conversation.  To encourage, motivate, think, build confidence, support, live through me – whatever you can take away.

 Friday Careful be you post series

I’m hoping F*** Friday posts can eventually be something other people contribute too. Non bloggers. Bloggers.  Anyone!  That’s had a F*** It story and is willing to get it out there.

I’ll start next Friday.  And we’ll go from there.

I have a lot of ideas already stacked inside my brain –> not being perfect is right up my alley.  (Hole in my workout pants while doing squats at the park, downing Wafiq’s french fries every. single. time, refusing heights, wearing blue nails to work…)

Be brainstorming a F*** It Friday post & if you’re real ambitious send it my way!

Cuz life is WAY too short to care so much, let’s worry less together.



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