I was invited to a Barre class a couple weeks ago with a mixer afterwards featuring Bailey’s newest liquor: Bailey’s Almande.

Barre at the Bar.


I’ve never tried Barre before.

{Dammmmnnnnnnnn ladies – NOT a joke.}

I don’t know if the instructor was trying to be mean?  She looked super cute & nice in the beginning, so the torture was unexpected.  I was fighting for my life. Has anyone tried Barre?  Round of applause to you regulars.

I felt like I had pinched butt cheeks for an entire DAY afterwards.  Like a piercing, cinched tight, nail in both my ass cheeks style – pinch.

If you haven’t tried Barre before, you totally need to check it out.  Such a different routine from your every day workouts. & it will give you a fantastic ass.


On to the real topic of conversation here:  Alcohol. & Bailey’s Almande.

Bailey’s Almande is an Almondmilk Liqueur made with real almondmilk + it’s dairy free & gluten free.

{The bottle is so pretty I didn’t want to drink it.  But in a constant effort to resist my hoarding tendencies, I cracked it open.}

I used the entire bottle to mimic one of the drinks they sampled for us –>  Raspberry Retreat.  OMG. OMG.


Raspberry Retreat

Created by Mixologist Alexis Piotrowski


2 oz Baileys Almande

4 oz Vita Coco

1/4 cup Fresh Raspberries

3/4 oz Agave Nectar

1 cup Ice


1. Combine Baileys Almande, Vita Coco, fresh raspberries, agave nectar and ice into a blender. Blend until smooth.

2. Pour contents into a highball glass.

Ideal Serving Glass:

Highball Glass


1 drink, no drink contains more than 0.6 fluid ounces of alcohol


One time, I even added a scoop of plain greek yogurt in the blender & I swear it made for a perfect breakfast!  (LOL!  Who doesn’t want a little kick with your morning oatmeal? )

Also, this particular cocktail made me real excited because they used coconut water, which I hear helps cure a hangover?!

Apparently, coconut water contains high levels of potassium & other electrolytes which you lose rapidly when drinking… In other words, you’ll feel better when those electrolytes get replenished.  

I’m thinking – drinking coconut water WHILE consuming beverages has to help beat a hangover all together?!


Right now, you can find Baileys Almande in Austin, California, and Denver.  Unfortunately – no where else (which is why I procrastinated this post for so long 🙁  ).

BUT I’m hopeful it’ll spread the country soon!  Why not right?!

In the meantime, come visit me in Austin, TX & I’ll whip you up an afternoon smoothie!

What’s your go to summer cocktail guys?

I’ve been stuck on Classic Margarita’s & Raspberry Retreat’s, anything that’s not too sugary & I’m open to trying it!

Staying inside, with some yummy summer cocktails is about all you can do with this Sahara weather happening outside…

Happy Friday!!





+ Not sponsored, just love the delicious drink & wanted to share

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