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Happy 4th of July weekend everyone!

Summer is seriously the best isn’t it? So many exciting weekends, hot weather, sweat, family & friends, water, food & good times. Loving it!

I didn’t have time to figure out filming this month’s favorites, but it’ll happen eventually – for now, this is what I tried & loved in June –>


1. Milani Color Statement Lipstick – 28 Nude Crème

 I loved this lipstick awhile ago & then lost it… & then found it again.  I immediately remembered why I loved it so much –> the perfect, everyday, color.  My lips would be PALE (my whole face would be pale) without some color.  Adding a little flesh to my lips easily does the job.

I don’t like using expensive lipstick for work & grocery store runs because it feels like a total waste. This lipstick is perfect because it’s affordable to have a few extras hanging around.

2. Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer

Get ready for this.  This lotion goes on your skin when you’re still wet!  You finish your shower, quickly grab a small amount of moisturizer, run it over your body & pat yourself dry.  IT WORKS.

I have extremely dry skin & can’t go a shower without moisturizing.  This product works miracles – super fast, you only need a small amount, and it keeps your skin feeling comfortable & moisturized.   Most definitely keeping a bottle in the shower from now on.

Has anyone else tried or heard of this?? Variety of scents + it’s affordable.  Totally worth it you guys.  Even just for those times you’re too tired to apply a full body moisturizer – this gets the job done in seconds!

3. Urban Decay Naked Weightless Concealer

So freaking good!  Do you ever buy something & it’s so fantastic that you wish upon your lucky stars it lasts forever?!  This concealer helped me understand what make up artists mean when they say “airbrush finish”.

4. Sigma Large Powder Brush

I want to cuddle this bad boy.  In the winter I tend to stay away from bronzing my face or using powders because I’m way too dry as it is.  But this summer, I have fallen in love with bronzer & this cuddly brush.  It’s super soft, covers evenly & blends exactly how I want it.

5. Vicks VapoRub

I’m bringing it back you guys. Obsessed is an understatement.  I can’t preach it’s praises enough! With the amount of rain we’ve had in Texas the mosquito’s are ramped! Needless to admit, I’ve gotten eaten alive this past month and Vick’s is literally my best friend.  Before going to bed, I kiss my Vicks jar goodnight. (LOL! …But seriously)

6. Black Moonshadow Sports Bra

A super constraining, wire bra is literally my worst nightmare this summer.  You get it, it’s HOT! Sweating is happening on an hourly basis.  I hate ruining my chic, sassy, classy braziers with sweat!  Damn you summer!  So I’m quickly hopping on the sports bra chain &&&& I’m obsessing, hard.  Here are a few more affordable options that I’m loving: here & here

7. Amazon Prime

 Can I use the excuse I was out of the country for approximately 2 years as my reason for not knowing the glory that is Amazon Prime? Wafiq & I are speechless.  One day I ordered something w/$4.99 shipping & it took a little over a week to get to the house.  He ordered something through Amazon Prime & it came in 1 1/2 days!  He got it before my order!

After hearing peers rave about Amazon Prime, I can finally say I understand.  Just one more reason to never leave the house.  Perfect. Going forward, I’ll try to link all my amazon products to have Prime as an option 🙂

8. Graceland

EEEEEEEEE! This was my series for the month & it’s soooooo addicting! The characters are edgy & make you want to live out your inner badass & sweat a little.  They live in luxury & have the most dramatic, undercover cop lives I could only dream of. It’s hot & so fucking good. I love it.



That’s it for June! Send me anything you discovered or have been loving this month – always open to get inspired!


Be safe this weekend & have fun!



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