A Little Check In – The Bright Side to Hard Times

Checking in!


My latest obsession is getting into bed around 8:30pm.  I’m a night person. NOT a morning person.  So going to bed this early never made sense, however I’m pretty obsessive with it these days.

I don’t go straight to sleep, I work on my computer for a while… {Maybe long term this will end up being a bad habit?}

I used to stay awake on my computer foreverrr in the living room, or kitchen, whatever was available at the moment. But never my bed!

So here I am, new obsession. Comfortable & cozy.  Anyone else been doing this all along?  I know in college that would have been a death sentence, I would’ve slept immediately upon hitting the sheets.  These days – it’s working.

Happy Thoughts

Speaking of beds – (I’ll use this as my transition.)

Last weekend, Wafiq & I were remembering how lucky we are.  It’s so silly.

I was complaining about not having money for something ridiculous & we stopped and kind of laughed with each other.

We didn’t have toilet paper before. I remember telling Wafiq to sneak into our clubhouse bathroom and grab a roll to bring to our apartment. OMG.

Now we have an apartment! Our own key, to our own door!  That made us the happiest people in the entire universe less than a year ago. We felt sooooo ecstatic to sit on the floor, probably eating Chic-Fil-A with a coupon, and no TV, barely even a phone <– We were so fucking excited.

I caught myself bitching about something so silly, but I love that it brought up our memories of a year ago.   It’s insane to me how much can change in a year & also how some of the harder times can make seriously the best memories. I love it. I loveeee ittttt so much. YUM.

So if anyone is not perfect & struggling a little, live in that moment.  It won’t last forever.  You’ll be perfect again someday. (LOL I wish).

 Grateful thoughts

If I could just find a way to get Bernice working, that would truly be all dreams made.  She absolutely hates the camera so there’s no dog modeling in her future, maybe she could win an eating competition? We’ll see.

Wafiq’s life is moving forward.. still.  I have to use the word life because it’s too much.  TOO MUCH EXPLANATION, when we don’t even know what’s going on.

And I’m happily blogging away.

How’s everyone else?  Anyone stop and smell the daisies? No? Too hot outside? Me too.

Ok off to beat the crowds at this Blues On The Green music concert Austin puts on.  First time I’m going this year, and could be the last.



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